Stinky Old Man Cave Place

Captain’s Log    6,146

I had to go to a lunch yesterday with a consultant and a board member.  I did not pick the place.  I would never pick this place.  It’s a very old, established man-cave kind of place where the carpeting smells like old whiskey.

the bull

It was so dark in there our waitress forgot we were waiting to order.  The only light comes in through the old windows.  Creepy.  

These places make the think some mob guys are going to come in and shoot someone in the back room.  For all I know, that’s probably already happened.  It’s a big place for the horse racing crowd hangs out when the ponies are running.  And we all know what betting does to people’s better choices about how to behave.

I get into moral discussions with my friends sometimes, and what they say makes me really put together a stronger code that works for me.  I do not mind being challenged because it makes my personal beliefs even more dear to my heart.  I am a complete and total liberal hippie scum vegetarian, and I know most people cannot get into that thinking.  I get it.  I totally get it.  But I do not waver.  I do not compromise.  Not when it comes to the creatures who share this earth.

So speaking of running the ponies (recent discussion)…..I stand firmly against any sport or commercial activity that brutalizes horses.  I am against racing, jumping, carriage rides on city streets, etc.  To use any animal for entertainment goes totally against my moral code.  Let’s include circus animals and the confined creatures at Sea World.   Granted, these are not blood sports like dog fighting (and I think people who do that should go to prison for life).  What few people understand is that very few race horses ever get to “retire.”  Only horses that can command a huge stud fee are allowed to live.  The rest of them are killed because it’s too expensive to keep them around if they aren’t earning money.  These horses do not frolic in the grass under sunny skies.  They are given an injection of something horrendous or they are shot in the head and carted away to be rendered.  And all of this supported by my $2 bet at the track.  Nope.  The last time I went to the track, I saw a horse break a leg.  They put him down right there.

So yes, I have seen a race track.  I have stood at the betting window.  And then a light went on and I understood what I was supporting.  I never went back – and I never will. Sometimes, I am slow to catch on.

Let’s not even go to the arena of dog racing.  Let’s just not go there.

And there are times when I wonder if my stance on such things really matters.  Do I make a difference?  And the answer is yes.  I do make a difference.  Even if nobody ever comes around to my way of thinking, people who know me understand my commitment to what I believe.  And that is huge.  At least to me.

When I was in college, I met my first real vegetarian.  She was a lovely young woman from Ethiopia.  I was fascinated with her belief system.  She very quietly and gently introduced me to a new way of thinking.  She mattered.  I listened.  Several years later, I made that lifestyle change and I have never looked back.

When I hear people say they COULD be a vegetarian or they are ALMOST a vegetarian, I laugh.  It’s not a contest or something to achieve.  It’s a way of believing.  You don’t hear people running around saying they COULD be kind or they are ALMOST kind.  You either make the choice and believe in what you do or….you don’t.  They are no steps to ramping up to this lifestyle if you are choosing it for moral reasons.  Folks who cut out meat for health reasons have an entirely different approach and process.  Bless them for that too.

Wow!  This one went all over the place.  I guess sitting in a stinky old place that is filled with rich people who play the ponies made me uncomfortable.  I deal with discomfort by writing – putting it here.  It’s a type of therapy when I can cleanse the icky stuff that gets into my psyche every now and then.


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6 responses to “Stinky Old Man Cave Place

  1. goatbarnwitch

    One’s beliefs should make your soul and heart happy. The ability to respect each other in their well thought out beliefs is a gift.
    There is a thoroughbred farm near me where the studs worth millions often go to provide progeny…. They are beautiful animals but the whole industry, like so many that involve animals, is entirely out of kilter

  2. The ways that many wealthy people chose to have “fun” is sometimes beyond me. Running a sanctuary for elephants or retired race horses, unwanted dogs or cats would be much more to my liking.

  3. bholles

    I used to go bet the dogs for the priests as they could not go themselves or get caught.

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