Downton Abbey Went AWOL

Captain’s Log    6,144

So there I was like an angry chicken waiting for the damn Oscars to END so I could watch Downton Abbey last night!  And it turns out it did not air last night because it didn’t want to compete with the Oscars.  Oh fie!  I worried for nothing!

downton abbey maggie.jpg

Maggie Smith – how I will miss your zingers!  Thank goodness you will be back next week to make me shake my head in disbelief.

Back to the Oscars…….Chris Rock was tasked with the onerous job of talking about the diversity elephant in the room.  He did okay.  I don’t personally think he was great.  The whole show seemed weirdly disorganized even though they tried desperately to make it more like an “adventure” of how films are made.  It missed the mark.

Three highlights of the evening for me (in no particular order)……..

Lady Gaga

Joe Biden

Leonardo DiCaprio

Three hot mess moments of the evening for me (in no particular order)…..

Sam Smith’s terrible song and totally awful acceptance speech

That weird Stacey Dash thing

Too much Disney marketing

And what was up with the whole Mad Max thing?


Hannibal Lecter as a figurehead on some sort of flaming desert vessel with a garden rake in his eyes?  WTF is this?????  I don’t go to shit-ass movies like this and I am glad.

With Donald Trump climbing in the polls, I have no need to make myself even more scared.  What scares me more is the fools who believe in him and have jumped on his bandwagon.  One of our docents brought his Donald Trump baseball cap into the museum on Thursday.  He had the sense to leave it at the desk and not wear it while he was on the floor, but when I walked past, I literally felt tears spring into my eyes.  I felt like I was looking at a Nazi flag.

Hitler started this way too.  We must never forget that.

On that happy note, I am going to work.  Two weeks of hell await me.


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22 responses to “Downton Abbey Went AWOL

  1. Edie

    I couldn’t even finish watching the oscars.. It felt like pulling a freight train across the room. I hate to see Downton Abby end next week.

  2. George and I unwittingly caught the opening speach, but we missed the rest of the Oscars. Yes, Hitler did, didn’t he.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    I also don’t have cable so was spared the Oscars.. I looked at some of the red carpet photos and determined that necklines are now belly button lines. The whole thing with showing it all instead of having some class makes me shake my head.
    Haven’t watched Downtown Abby….. maybe I should

  4. poundheadhere

    This is the cool thing about cutting cable. I didn’t even have the option of watching the Oscars. I can get the lowdown on fashions from (which is its own kind of awesome – I’ve been following the author since X-Files days)

  5. susanna

    Couldn’t hang with the awards, changed over to watching reruns of Downtwon Abbey. I was waiting for them to add a new installment but I see now they opted for next week. How are they ever going to wrap up all that I want to happen in one last installment.

  6. I agree that Lady Gaga’s performance was wonderful…and I saw many of the actors/actresses wiping their eyes. I didn’t think much of the show. Chris Rock seemed quite scattered at the beginning. And that Stacey Dash thing was just strange. The older I get, the less I enjoy these award shows. I just watch for the dresses and hair styles mostly. MY son said Downton Abbey will have a Christmas special this year.

  7. annanotbob

    I know, exactly that level of fear. xx

  8. Patty O'

    I avoided the whole thing by going to the Old Globe last night for “The Metromaniacs”. It was HILARIOUS…and no politics whatsoever. What a relief!

  9. barb

    I did not care for the award show.

  10. “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”….

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