Day in the Desert

Captain’s Log     6,143

It was a day in the desert!  OMG!  I went with friends Lynn and Jon and we had a spectacular time!  They know the desert like they know their own back yard, so it was amazing fun.  I showed them a few things they had never seen, and then we went off-roading.  I had done that once on a baby scale about 7 years ago.  I was not quite prepated for what we did yesterday.

We off-roaded to the Badlands of the Anza-Borrego Desert.  We plowed through soft sand for about 4 miles and came to this vista point.  Holy shit!  Thousands of feet down.  It’s like a mini Grand Canyon.  With unstable edges.  We could not believe there were people tent camping within 20 feet of the edge.  Not me!


Huge grins!  We made it!

We also visited Salvation Mountain.


Truly weird and yet oddly inspiring piece of art near Slab City.

Slab City is just across the road from Salvation Mountain.  We had to drive through.

slab_city 2

The ultimate art car – a Slab City icon

Jon had heard about some painted water tanks just south of the mountain.  With a special satellite connection and an iPad, we were able to find them  Can you believe the artist completed the tanks in just three weeks?

water tanks

Truly amazing!  The artist was actually on-site getting ready to make another video.  Please watch the one below so you can get an idea of what we experienced out there literally in the middle of nowhere.

It was just stunning!

We also visited an off-road practice park.  It’s where you can test the capacity of your Jeep AND measure the size of your balls.  Jon took us up about 1/4 of the way on this monstrous thing.  I’m glad he was only kidding.

big balls

Holy shitfire!  More than one Jeep has flipped trying this stunt.  Gads!

The day wasn’t complete until we visited the sculptures by Ricardo Breceda in Galleta Meadows.  This is one of the most random collections of large-scale public art I have ever seen.  It goes for miles.

big serprent

Photobombed by an enormous metal dragon!

I was completely done in by the time I got home.  It was exactly 12 hours leaving/returning.  I settled in with a veggie BLT and zonked out before 7:30.  But what a day it was!  And such lovely friends I have in my life!


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14 responses to “Day in the Desert

  1. poundheadhere

    I love the artwork – it’s spectacular! Looks like an awesome trip 🙂

  2. How were the temperatures out there?? I love the desert in the wintertime. The nights get very cold, but a nice bonfire helps (roast one side, turn around and roast the other side — by the time one side is too hot, the other side has cooled off! LOL) And hot chocolate with marshmallows sitting in a lawn chair and swapping stories. Good times… hugs and thanks for the memory replay! We used to own a dune buggy and would go camping in the desert. I’ve never seen those sculptures. Will have to tell the other half about them so we can put it on our bucket list!

    • poolagirl

      It was about 90. Very comfortable, actually. I went desert camping once and woke up with an enormous scorpion in my sleeping bag. Never again!

  3. What a wonderful trip. The new murals are great stuff indeed. Do I note your friend looks like my G? 🙂 How is the art piece holding up?

  4. goatbarnwitch

    Sounds spectacular!! Thanks for sharing 😀

  5. Thanks for sharing that art work. Wow! I am very impressed. Also so happy to see the metal dragon again!

  6. What a fantastic day out! What kind of vehicle were you guys off roading in?

  7. Patty O'

    You have the most wonderful adventures!

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