No More Scarecow

Captain’s Log    6,141

Penny is here for her yearly sales calls in the area, and yesterday was our play day.  We always go geocaching!  We stopped for a final coffee after we had been successful with the hunt.  Just for fun, I checked the app and there was a geocache about 25 feet from where we were sitting!  Hooray!

It was NOT in this phone but I thought the phone was quite funny.


Wow!  No outgoing calls from here!

We wanted to find this one called Scarecow.  Unfortunately, all that remains of scarecow is a photo.  The real cow has been removed.  Only a pile of dirt remains.  No geocache, but i left the cache owner a note informing him that Scarecow has gone missing.


Poor Old Scarecow

This one would have been fun to find, but alas…..


I have a short week!  Hooray!  I am going to the desert on Friday with friends.  They are so into this that they have a special refrigerator for the truck.  Nice to keep the root beer cold.









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28 responses to “No More Scarecow

  1. The Cow house was sold, and the cow moved along with the residents. G and I looked at that house….the house literally sits on the edge of a canyon.

  2. You find the most awesome places to go geocaching! Even without the blue cow 😉

  3. Patty O'

    Uh…so the Blue Cow’s name was Scarecrow? Are crows supposed to be afraid of blue cows? I doubt it; in fact, they probably carried her off!

  4. susanna

    Heading for the desert on a cow with no name. I like that cow. Too bad it wasn’t there. Glad to hear you are having fun. I’m going to do a stroll through your postings I’ve missed. So much more fun than trying to read a book called. The Girl on the Train some loaned me. Stopped after frist depressing chapter. It’s going back to my friend who works at the La Jolla library and has stacks of books all over her house. Have a great time in the desert.

  5. Oh my god, I can’t believe there are still payphones in your area. Do any of them work?

    • poolagirl

      Most of the look like the one in the photo. I saw pay phones in the casinos in Vegas. Well-maintained. People used them. Weird.

      • Those of us without cell phones wish they were more widespread. I guess I’ll have to start hanging out in casinos now….

        • poolagirl

          That sounds like a good plan. Or you could go geocaching with me. I can see that now! We would have SOOO much fun! I would make you stick your hands into spider eggs!

        • Wait – you don’t have a cell phone? Seriously?? Oh man I knew you were bass ackwards, but that one takes the cake.

          • Well, here’s the thing (and I should probably write an entry about this, since it’s led to rather an impressive number of, ah, “adventures”). I do have a phone. It’s a little flip phone of uncertain vintage that NewWifey(tm) got me over my protests and insists I carry. Because I leave for work at 3am-ish on often snow covered rural roads, she wants me to have some way to call for that St. Bernard and cask of brandy if (when) I end up careening off into the woods.

            It only calls. It doesn’t text or anything else. And it’s about the size of a Pez dispenser, which means I lose it on average twice a week…and don’t realize it til the wife hands it back to me. I never turn it on unless…well, unless I’m stranded in the woods. This drives wifey nuts, since she puts 25 dollars on the account every three months, and there are many times when I haven’t used ANY of those 25 dollars by the time 3 months has passed. “Will you fucking call your sisters or something?!” she screams. “I just keep throwing away money on that thing!”

            However, the good times may be coming to an end. At the beginning of this year I got a snail mail letter from AT&T saying that they will no longer be providing service to Pleistocene Era cell phones as of the end of the year. So NewWifey(tm) are no engaged in a bit of a drama over whether I should upgrade my phone to something most people these days would recognize as a phone, or just chuck it and do without. You can probably guess which of us is lobbying for which side. You can also probably guess who is going to win, if history is any guide.

            But I’ll keep you posted. You can always call me if you want to know more 😉

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