Stop the Hooey in Hooey-Land

Captain’s Log   6,140

Mr. Dangerspouse swears he could hear my eyes rolling when he kept asking questions about his new journal.  This guy can make a 5-course gourmet meal in under 30 minutes but he cannot find the ADD NEW button on his handy-dandy WordPress blog.  ADD NEW means push the button for a new writing screen.  

eye roll

Gads!  These eyes really DO make noise if I roll them enough!

If you want to read his journal (which is irreverent as hell AND extremely well-written) go to the navigation bar on the right side of this page and click Dangerspouse on WordPress.  He insists that he will still write on Diaryland, but I think that’s just….hooey.   We all said that when we made the switch, and we did it for a wee bit.  Then, we noticed the massive amount of cobwebs collecting in the corners of Diaryland…..and we stopped the hooey.  It’s lonely in Hooey-Land.

Andrew, the guy who runs Diaryland is always there to take your money but he is never there to fix and issue or solve a problem.  It was a good training ground for us, but alas.  It sucks.  You cannot have comments unless you pay.  You cannot have photo hosting unless you pay.  It’s like having to tip in Las Vegas.  Everybody has their hands out for everything.

“Have a nice day!”  I thank the doorman and give him a dollar.

Sometimes, we forgo the talk entirely and I just give him the damn dollar.


Speaking of tipping… night in Vegas my sister tipped the waiter/seater dude (also called an usher) $20 for better seats at a drag show.  We were right up on the runway.  We could look up their dresses and ponder where they put all their junk.  That close.

All of that was fine until Kenny Kerr, the star (who passed away a few years ago) decided to sit on a stool and get up close and personal with the audience.  The person he chose to tease was….Big Sister Mia!


Kenny Kerr.  Brilliant and gifted entertainer.  Advocate.   Philanthropist.  Father.  Grandfather.

To this day, it was one of the funniest moments of my entire life.  Big Sister Mia hides so well in plain sight that she rarely gets chosen as the center of attention.  Not only did he pick on her, the spotlight also found her.  OMG!

That’s what she got for tipping $20 in Vegas.

It might be a whole lot safer to just hand the doorman a dollar every time you walk out of the building.


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31 responses to “Stop the Hooey in Hooey-Land

  1. susanna

    This is one funny exchange.

  2. You guys are too funny. I found WordPress far harder to use than Blogger myself.
    Yes, blogging sites do fade away. Writing a blog is considered a thing for old folks. I persist anyway. I had one here before Open Diary…which died. I had one at Easy Diary after OD died. I got Postcards in the middle of OD fluctuations, I used WordPress as a backup for eons untill I grew tired of their games. Finally I found my OD friends on Prosebox. Now I copy and paste to both. LOL

    Glad you are writing more here.

  3. Sometimes I’m not sure who’s crazier, you or Dangerspouse. I’m thinking it just might be you, despite a nominally more restrained facade. You’re just sneakier about it, bwahahaha!

  4. Years ago, we went to a concert for Rick Nelson. We were right next to the tiny stage and I could see his blue eyes…. Not as good as a drag show but close.

  5. Wait… it doesn’t exist? DS get your head out of the sand, man, and jump on this bandwagon.

  6. Patty O'

    LOVED the Las Vegas story! And I am definitely going to Hell: I have signed up to follow Dangerspouse. Here comes that bumpy ride!

  7. Gee, until you added the words “irreverent”, “well written” and “godlike in a manner not achieved by any other blogger”, I thought you were trying to start a flame war. Thanks for the plug, kiddo! And…er…I couldn’t a dun it without you. Or L. So you’re to blame when this all blows up in my face.

    And…I woulda tipped the waiter 20 to seat me in the back. Two buildings away. But to each their own.


  8. bholles

    I will never forget that night. She liked my boobs.

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