Many Arms

Captain’s Log    6,139

The good news is amazing.  My handyman said he can fix my fence!  It will be last repair possible, but he said it should hold for a few more years.  What a relief!  He examined the damage on Saturday and determined how to fix it without breaking the irrigation system that runs under the fence.  I never even thought about the irrigation system, but I am not a handyman.





I guess having multiple arms is always “handy” no matter what.  Fixing plumbing or finding bliss.

With property taxes due, income taxes due, and car registration due all in the same 6-week period, not having to buy a new fence is a real relief.  If I had multiple arms, I would be clapping a lot right now.

The next order of business is to get my electrician pal in here to fix my ceiling fans in two of the bedrooms.  I fixed one myself last year but I turned it on this morning to test it for Friend Penny’s visit, and it wobbles so much (AGAIN) I fear it will fall out.  The one in my office just stopped working one night.  The light went out and the fan stopped.  Badda bing.  No power to the fan.


I am really looking forward to Friend Penny’s visit!  She arrives Friday evening and we be in San Diego until the following Friday morning.  It’s her once a year business trip and she is busy almost all the time, but we do take one day for us to play.

poolie and penny

Penny and me in November of 2012 when I went to visit her in Montana

We laugh so hard we wheeze and choke from lack of air.  It’s that kind of friendship.  I set up the guest bedroom and bath this morning.  It all looks so nice!  It can be set up in a matter of minutes and I absolutely LOVE company!  Hint hint for anyone who wants to get out of the bracing cold and snows of winter for awhile.


I was reading one of my news channels yesterday and a strange headline popped up.  How to Watch the Grammy Awards.  I didn’t know there were special instructions.  I thought you would sit down, turn on the TV, find the station, adjust the volume, eat pretzels, and wonder who in the hell all those people are anyway.  I didn’t know there was an actual method.  I’ve probably been doing it wrong all this time.  I did pop in and catch Adele’s solo.  Wow.  Something was wrong.  Apparently, the piano mic slipped and she couldn’t hear herself very well.  Dang.  It was….quite bad.  For Adele.  I could see her struggling.  I could almost hear her brain screaming “get me the fuck off this stage!”  She did issue a statement.  Apparently, she summed it up well.  “Shit happens.”


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14 responses to “Many Arms

  1. I’m glad the fence is fixable one more time – you’re right, it’s painful when everything comes due at the same time.

    I didn’t watch the Grammys – really never have. I think the last time they mattered to me was when I was working in radio, and even then I usually just checked the news the next day to see who won.

  2. Excellent news on the fence. Fans can be the pits if they aren’t balanced properly. I missed Adele’s solo, even though I had wanted to see her. i didn’t know 99% of the people who were up for awards (or the songs they were known for). I did recognize the 12 year old jazz genius, and a couple of the older singers. I thought the microphones were horrible throughout most of the show. It seemed like their microphones weren’t turned on … weird, and when you have hearing loss anyway, it makes for a lousy show. I was totally impressed with Lady Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie. Didn’t think anyone could pull that off, but she did pretty well. And the tribute to BBKing was good too.

  3. Great news about the fence. I’m glad you posted about Adele on the Grammys because I kept thinking she sounded off key or something. I wasn’t really impressed with many of the performances but I just loved the “old school” rock and roll, Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, Lionel Richie and his songs. and Bonnie Raitt and the blues……sometimes I forget that we used to have good music. I was so hoping Adele and Lionel Richie would do a HELLO combination. And I did enjoy Taylor Swift’s comments on believing in yourself and knowing that your hard work took you to where you are… Take that,..Kanye!

  4. Sally Vangorkom

    That is a great pic of you & Penny.

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Great news on the fence. It’s a bitch when everything expensive falls on your checkbook at once. Your lucky to have such a great handyman. It is an art that is fading away.

    Can’t wait for our visit. You are the high-lite of my trip because you never know what “adventure” we will get into.

    See you Friday my friend,
    Pen Pen

  6. Lol. I saw in my news this morning that Adele tweeted afterwards that she was going to eat an In-and-Out, because that’s what her mic was doing all night. (Although if you ask me, it looks like she eats there 24/7 anyway….)

    Woo hoo for the fence! You know what they say, “Good fences make good fences.” I’m very happy for you, as a former fencer myself.

  7. bholles

    Nice to hear about the fence getting fixed.

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