Tots and Vulgar Games

Captain’s Log    6,138

The white trash book club breakfast was a hit!  I was concerned that the tater tot “casserole” would turn out.  Then again, how hard is it to ruin tater tots?

It was…..divine!  They ate almost the entire pan!  I think even Dangerspouse might have like this (even though he has probably never eaten a tater tot in his entire gourmet-adoring life).


Not mine but it looked just like this.  

It was sooooo good!   With salsa!

And so were the chocolate milk and the donuts.

And then there was the birthday cake!  We cannot forget the birthday cake!  Big Sister Mia arranged for a cake to be delivered!  OMG!  We also had chocolate-covered strawberries and peanut butter Rice Krispie bars covered with chocolate.

But the best thing about the morning was Cards Against Humanity.  What a disgusting and truly funny game!

It’s a random question and answer game.  One person reads the black question card.  Everybody else submits their best answer card for that question.  All the answers are read and the question asker gets to pick the one he or she likes best.  If your answer is picked, you win the round!

Here is a good example of a really great answer  to the question: ____________  kid tested and mother approved.

humanity car

YESSSSSS!  Perfect!


Here is another good answer.  I don’t know the question.  It doesn’t matter.  I think this could be used to answer just about anything.  Even the “kid tested and mother approved” one.   Or…… “A romantic candlelit dinner would be incomplete without…..”

People who play this game are HORRIBLE!  Just HORRIBLE!  It is definitely not for kids.  I am not sympathetic toward the father who brought this game to his daughter’s 16th birthday party and was aghast at what he found.  What about “a party game for horrible people” did he not understand?  It is written right on the box!

So, we entertained ourselves AND my neighbors on both sides for about an hour.  Good thing it was morning.

But the very best moment of the day was when one of our club members walked in for the party.  She had a benign brain tumor removed in November and has been recovering slowly but surely.  To have her sit down and enjoy the food and the game filled my heart with the most amazing joy.  Bless her!


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30 responses to “Tots and Vulgar Games

  1. WOW all around. Thanks for the cake Mia.

  2. Tater casserole? That looks yum!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic time for all. I’d love to have the recipe for the tater-tot casserole and the chocolate-peanut butter Rice Crispies bars. Thanks!

  4. goatbarnwitch

    Sounds like a grand adventure all in your own place. Excellent!!

  5. maryz

    This granny would love this game. I’m planning to go buy it to take to the beach for our three-generation/friends get-together.

  6. annanotbob

    Someone gave my grandson that game for Christmas and we played it for a while… I know it does say that on the box, but bloody hell. It’s not a game a boy should be playing with his granny, though he found it hilarious. I’m off to google tater tots… xx

  7. Patty O'

    The game sounds fun but the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER is a friend who used to have a brain tumor arriving without it!! YOU WIN!!!

  8. bholles

    It was lots of fun and everyone had such a good time.

  9. You have no idea how close to the mark you are. “Tater Tots” are one of the many trailer trash abominations that I managed to avoid…until I married trailer trash. When NewWifey(tm) found out I’d never tried them (or “pimento cheese”, anything from Sonic, condensed “Cream of Whatever” soups, or several others I can’t even bring myself to name) she made it her mission to rui…er, educate me. I can now say, through gritted and horrified teeth, that I, Chef Dangerspouse, have eaten Tater Tots. Once.

    So there.

    On a more savory note: Cards Against Humanity ROCKS! I would kill or die to marathon play it with you, your sister, NewWifey(tm) and PoundHead. It would be one for the ages.

  10. I’m so glad your friend was able to attend. It had to make the day just perfect. Food sounds very tasty. I have heard of that game and how “wicked” it can be. I am sure you will play it again.

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