Around the Horn Again

Captain’s Log    6,137

I did it!  Sixty four trips around the horn!



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18 responses to “Around the Horn Again

  1. Oh my gosh, your poor cake is gonna collapse under the weight of all those candles! Many more, babe!!!

  2. OrneryPest

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!! 64 is a perfect square so that means you’re perfectly squared-away this year!!!

  3. poundheadhere

    Happy birthday! I know I already said it on Facebook, but it bears repeating lol.

    On the other hand, if you forgot the sheet, is that “bares” repeating?

  4. Steph

    Happy ‘Day…How Old are You??? You can lie if you want to. Aging is a gift!!!

  5. Patty O'

    Happy Birthday! I hope you’re wearing the sheet and giving the Febreeze Lady something to look at through the clean window! Yo ho HO!

  6. Have a great day….Can’t believe I missed it…sorry about that!

  7. Penny Tushingham

    Hope your birthday includes staying home in your jammies, reading a great book, taking a nap, listening to the birds (hopefully not fighting) and having some Mexican pudding!

    See you next Friday!

    Pen Pen

  8. I’m singing, I’m singing….can ya hear me now.
    Happy birthday dear Captain.

  9. bholles

    Have a good birthday.

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