Vegas, Baby….or Vegas Baby

A comma can say so much.  Just saying.  

Nephew is at the gym.  I just showered and checked the TV listings.  I am so thrilled to know they carry PBS!   I can watch “Downton Abbey” tonight!

My sister found this adorable slot machine last night and she let me play.  It’s called “OMG!  It’s Puppies!”   I did quite well.  Made $50 which is a lot for me. 

This is yesterday’s wake-up photo.  I am not nearly as attractive this morning.  LOL!  This city takes a toll.  Low humidity, salty food, and no concept of time.  Clocks are forbidden inside casinos.  Recording studios too, for that matter.  When you are spending oodles of money, they don’t want you watching the clock. 

Breakfast buffet today.   I will be cautious.   


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6 responses to “Vegas, Baby….or Vegas Baby

  1. I’ve never been much for gambling–nickel slots is my forte!

  2. Patty O'

    Just happy you are having fun!

  3. poolagirl

    Already spent. Turned that $50 into $85.

  4. Hope you don’t have to spend that $50 today. That was a cute slot machine…..

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