Dangerspouse MIGHT Enter the 21st Century

Captain’s Log   6,133

Friend Sally and I went to visit Friend Sue in the hospital last night.  She had her hip replaced on Monday morning.  She looked far better than I expected her to.  When we got there, her pain was a 4.  When we left, it had climbed to a 6.  It was definitely time for more pain medication.  She goes home today if the numbness wears off in her upper thighs.  They gave her a spinal block before surgery and for some reason she is still being affected.  She said she cannot feel her legs when she walks.

But she has been walking with assistance.  That is truly amazing.  Things have certainly changed.  Her incision was actually quite small.  No outside stitches either.  They glued her shut so there will be minimal scarring.  Good for her!  She has been in so much pain for so long.  The pain she is experiencing now is nothing compared to how she felt a week ago.


I have been bugging Dangerspouse about writing on this diary site for years.  He always tossed out the same excuses about why he had to stay on Diaryland.  Most of us met up on Diaryland.  It was a great place and we all had an amazing amount of fun writing there, but it had the technological capacity of a moose turd.  But he is still hanging on.  He must have lost several sets of fingernails by now.


So I just did it for him.  I opened a gmail account for him and I set up a journal here on WordPress.  I did not customize anything.  It’s just there.  Now he cannot whine about not knowing how to set it up.  We have a mutual friend who will help me customize the site.  Then he will be good to go.  This man is one of the funniest writers I know.  He definitely gives Jenny Lawson a run for her money.


The Bloggess.  Hilarious stuff – even when she writes about mental illness.


Today is the massive day for show change.  Lots to do.  A bunch of cars leaving.  More bunches of cars coming in.  I am ready for The British Invasion!



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37 responses to “Dangerspouse MIGHT Enter the 21st Century

  1. ned

    I’m waiting with bated breath.

  2. oooh… what’s his WordPress site?? I’ll visit! I’ll visit!!

  3. Patty O'

    GO, Dangerspouse, GO!

  4. poundheadhere

    Poolie, I’m glad your friend’s hip surgery went well. She won’t be running marathons but she will probably be able to walk through the grocery store again!

  5. Some of us LIKE moose turds, Hater. Don’t judge me! Ok, ok, but thanks for setting me up with…an e-mail account? Really? I gotta admit, I don’t understand that part of it at all. I already have an e-mail account….don’t I? Oh well, I’ll check out the links you sent me when I get home. Thanks. I think.

    One thing NONE of us like, unlike moose turds, is hip replacements. I hope Friend Sally turns the pain corner soon and is up back doing the Lindy Hop in no time. Feed her plenty of wine in the meantime. Stat, Nurse Pooly!

    • Look at how excited you have made everybody!

    • poolagirl

      I needed an email account to activate your website. I didn’t feel right asking you for your password for the account you use. That would have tipped you off to my scheme. So the email I set up for you is just how you access your new blog. I set up bogus emails all the time. It’s what I do. I am a damn fine bogus email setter upper.

    • poundheadhere

      You can change the email address tied to the blog. If I’d set it up I would’ve used your other email address, but I’m a pain in the butt like that, lol. I dunno which theme options you have with a freebie WordPress account but I suspect we can help you out there too

      • Wait. I don’t get the whole “email address tied to the blog” thing. What does that mean? If somebody sends me mail through the website, it’s going to go somewhere that’s not my normal e-mail? How will I find it?

        In other “god he sounds like a whiny bitch” news: I visited my page and couldn’t make heads nor tails of what to do. I commented on the comments you and Poolie left…I think. And I clicked some tab and *thought* I changed my tagline…but I think I just made the old one disappear. But I’m not sure, because I couldn’t find a button that would just take me to my damn diary! Everything opened up menues and other tabs and outside websites for avatar generators and whatnot. WHY AM I SO STUPID?? Gah!!!!!!!

        • poundheadhere

          You’re not stupid a bit. I’ve done so much with WordPress it’s crazy. Ask me most anything about it and I can probably help you, lol. Email me and I’ll even send you screen shots.

          The comment notifications go to whatever email address is associated with your WordPress user name. I can show you – in screen shots, if need be – how to change the email, password, all that jazz. I’d say I’d hold your hand but since one’s occupied with something alcoholic and knowing you the other is… occupied… I’ll settle for emailing you, lol.

        • poolagirl

          Give me your phone number and I will talk you through it. On a weekend day. But not this weekend because I will be in Vegas. Or…..go to YouTube.

      • poolagirl

        I set up the fake email so I could register the blog and get him started. You have to activate with an email. If it was up to the Danger, he would never do it.

        • poundheadhere

          Oh yeah – forgot about that. It’s been so long since I had a free site I’d forgotten all the wheels that have to turn to make it happen, lol.

    • It’s about damn time, DS.

  6. Anxious for Dangerspouse tp start blogging.

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