Swat and Other Terrors

Captain’s Log    6,130

This was the scene across the road from the museum yesterday.  The event that turned out to be a non-event.  There was no shooter inside Building 26 or anywhere else on the property.

naval swat

Everybody is prepared for these things now.  Sad.  Scary.

Even though nothing happened, the city is still reacting with honor.  They are very glad it was a non-event, but they are also glad they knew what to do.  They are all very pleased with how it was handled.  Everybody in the park has been trained about what to do with an active shooter.  We reviewed it all again.  That’s how we live now.

I go into a movie theatre now and find the FRONT exits.  Not the way I went in.  In Colorado, the shooter knew the people would try to go out the main doors, and he was waiting for them.  That was his plan.  Our facilitator told us to go in the opposite directions.  We have all become military strategists in our own way.

When I drove home yesterday, there were still tons of TV vans, highway patrol, and police all over the west entrance to the hospital.  Traffic was moving, but nobody was going onto the property.  My guess is they stayed there all night.

I used to deliver flowers to this hospital about 12 years ago.  Even though security was tight after 9/11, I was always able to drive right through the gate and straight to the buildings.  Nobody ever checked me or the delivery van.  I guess they never thought a middle aged woman with arrangements of roses and daisies was much of a threat.  I would bet all of that is changed now.

I don’t know how many calls we took yesterday asking if we were open.  Was it safe to come to the park?  That’s what life is becoming.  You have to check for idiots with guns before you feel safe to visit a museum.

Someone said the answer is to put a good guy with a gun in our museum.  Yeah, right.  Like that would make any of us safer?  The whole idea is insane.

I have already missed my first meeting today because I got sidetracked with that stupid grant AGAIN.  Better get going.  Hope we don’t have a SWAT team running around today.


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16 responses to “Swat and Other Terrors

  1. George

    If we all carry guns, we can protect ourselves from the savage Indians, the British spies and the cattle rustlers.

  2. poundheadhere

    It’s the media and terrorism have contributed to the ludicrous state of current events. I’m not a big gun advocate, I don’t mean that. But the joint idiocracies of media and terrorism have pushed things out of control.

  3. I’m trying to remember what it was like before everyone and his brother had a weapon and we never worried about getting shot or finding bombs in public places. Going to the movies was just that–going to the movies; not sitting there worrying that someone was going to stand up and blow everyone away. So very glad your event was a non-event. Still scary…

  4. I hope you can turn that grant over to your editor and wave goodbye. Yes, now we are going through the “what was it that sounded like gunfire” scenario.

  5. Carrie Duff

    Love you, you know where I’m headed. Yes niw I’ll be able to carry. No I’ll no longer be afraid. Yes, life is now crazy, too many people here. You be careful my dear friend, be prepared and just sock ’em in the throat.
    I will miss you so, so much


  6. Patty O'

    So glad it was a false alarm. But what kind of other sound might seem like gunshot? Then a news feed reported that there is a GYM in Bldg. 26. Have you ever heard weights fall on one of the gym machines? Bingo. I’m just happy the response was immediate and correct. All are to be commended. Including you and your staff. Well done.

  7. Yes, it is sad how we have to look over our shoulder or wonder about the person next to us in line or on a plane or in a store. I feel bad about thinking the worst about some people just based on their behavior but as they used to say on NYPD BLUE…” Let’s be careful out there”.

  8. bholles

    It was an interesting day.

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