Going to Bah Hah-Buh

Captain’s Log    6,126

I am really excited to go to Bar Harbor, Maine for a 4-day conference!  Maybe their moronic governor will be impeached by then.  You know, the guy who recently said he doesn’t want the drug dealers from New York to come to Maine and impregnate a white girl.  That governor.


Governor LePage, pompous bastard

I would lose my job in a nano-second if I said something like that publicly.  I would be trounced out.  And that’s what SHOULD happen.  I already emailed him and told him I wasn’t going to spend five cents in his state.  I told him I was sad that the conference was already scheduled for Bar Harbor.  As if he cares.  I know HE doesn’t care.  I did that for me.  I have not yet received an answer from his office.  I wonder what’s taking so long.

I will have a good time in spite of the stupid governor and not spending any money while I am there.  Bar Harbor is so quaint!  I cannot wait to see it!

bar harbor

Methinks I will feel like Jessica Fletcher.  I already have the big eyes.  All I need is the cute village.

The museum that is sponsoring the conference specializes in brass-era cars.  Everything on their floor is about 100 years old.  They are located just south of Bar Harbor.  I met their executive director two years ago in Lincoln, Nebraska.  She is a very nice lady.  Another woman running a car museum.  Interesting.  About 70% of car museums are run by women.  Not because we love cars that much – but because we know how to handle people.

We are going through Bangor on the way.  YAY!

State Street and downtown. Bangor, Maine, USA

Quaint and serene!

kinn house 2

Stephen King lives in Bangor.  Nice place.  Love the bats on the iron uprights.  Maybe we could have egg salad sandwiches and talk about writing.

Anyway…..I am starting my countdown to this adventure.


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20 responses to “Going to Bah Hah-Buh

  1. You are going to have a lot of fun. Even if you don’t eat fish, you are going to have a ton of fun.

  2. It looks charming in the best sense of the word. Despite not spending any money (please let us know how you managed to eat without spending money!) I know you’ll have a blast 🙂

  3. Patty O'

    Oh dear. I understand your point of view, but all it achieves is to punish the retailers/restauranteurs/cab drivers and others who live and work there and may well be working hard to get rid of that awful man, too. Economic boycotts only work if they are specifically targeted at the Bad Guy. Find out who is opposing him and support THEM!

  4. susanna

    I love that you wrote a fiery, hot tempered letter to that jerk. Are you really going to stick to the toasted cheese sandwiches and mack n cheese dishes? Maybe a little mack n lobster? However when I see those big guys in the tanks trying to get out and then tossed into boiling water, I can’t watch that stuff. I eat the fake lobster which is just as bad because I think it’s just made of smaller fishes.
    Can’t wait for “our” trip to Bar Harbor.

  5. Joanie

    What a cute place. It reminds me of that street at La Jolla Shores that goes down to the ocean.

  6. Sally Vangorkom

    Please bring me a picture of yourself in front of Stephen King’s house. Pandora can take it. Or someone else can take a pic of both you AND Pandora in front of the house. Thanks.

  7. The “plain folk” in Maine will never be the same! I can’t wait to read your viewpoint on Bah Harbah! And you get to see another ocean!

  8. Lobster roll!
    Ok, I know:
    1. You’re some kind of weird veggie-saurus or something, and
    2. You’re not spending any money while there.
    1. Lobsters aren’t animals. They’re animated deep sea butternut squash. With claws. Go ahead and chow down.
    2. Steal it. Go on. No one will notice. They’re all too busy being cold.

  9. bholles

    Looks like a great place to visit.

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