Citrus and Wee Birds

Captain’s Log    6,123


New crop coming in!

I think it’s time for some fresh lemonade.  The recent rains have really helped ripen this crop.  They went from pale green to yellow in a matter of days.   It is most definitely time to break out the juicer again.

Several weeks ago, it was the oranges.

orange and carrot

Juiced with carrots for a lovely treat!

Citrus is one of the joys of living here.  The flowers alone are worth it.  The scent of orange and lemon blossoms is intoxicating!  I am very glad they also attract lots of bees.  I make an effort to have bee-friendly flowers everywhere.  With so many bees dying, it seems like a good idea.  Everything in my yard is 100% organic.  I don’t use pesticides on anything.  No rose dust.  Nothing.  It’s all natural and perfectly safe.

I had some bushes that attracted white fly.  So I dug them up and threw them away and replaced them with small palm trees that don’t harbor those pests.

I drive by the Balboa Park rose garden almost every day on my way home from work.  I was thinking about working as a volunteer gardener there when I retire.


So gorgeous!

They have three professional gardeners and a crew of 30-35 volunteers to keep the gardens looking lovely.  I could really get into that!

The birds are ravenous this morning.  It’s been so cold at night.  I know that has a huge affect on the hummingbirds.  Those wee guys need lots of extra fuel just to stay warm.  I make their nectar solution a tiny bit stronger in the winter.


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14 responses to “Citrus and Wee Birds

  1. I’m imagining the scent of the lemon tree and the flowers, I hear the birds chirping as they enjoy their food and the “whizzing” of the hummingbirds as they check out the nectar. But instead, I hear the howl of the wind and watch some snow flakes come down outside my window.

  2. Fresh lemons are amazing – looking forward to our lemon tree bearing fruit. It’s so important to keep bee-friendly gardens any more. I applaud you for providing a sanctuary for birds and bees at your home, and hope others pick up your practice

  3. susanna

    I loved reading this one. It’s like having a magic garden. The way gardens should be. I just finished eating some baklava and felt very guilty that I wasn’t drinking the lemon/carrot drink. It sounds like a great combo. I’ll try it soon.

  4. I do miss the citrus — especially our Washington Navel orange tree. We buy our oranges from Johnston farms at $6 for 10 lbs. Fresh off the trees, they’re excellent and I always bring some to the kids when we come to San Diego, or to neighbors in AZ when we go over for the winter. Love it!
    I too thought of volunteering at the rose garden there in Balboa Park. I had 49 hybrid tea rose bushes lining our front yard. Gorgeous…

  5. Patty O'

    I LOVE the concept of you being a volunteer gardener in the park! It is such a meaningful endeavor. YAY, you!

  6. Edie

    You are good for the preservation of our earth. Thank you.

  7. Carrie

    I want to be you when I grow up or now whichever!! xxxxoooo

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