Working From Home

Captain’s Log   6,121

I am working from home today!  Blessings!  It is so cool!  I have about 50,000 words to write for a grant, and I simply cannot do that at work.  Too many distractions.  So here I sit with Pandora playing and my mind clear.  I am taking a lunch break to write this and give my brain a rest.

The distractions yesterday included:

The museum floor is flooding!

The roof is leaking!

There is a rapids going through the parking lot!

Rain is literally coming into the museum between the cracks in the doors!

It was a day like that.  More is expected today.

I was completely soaked trying to get to my car yesterday.  Craziness.

I am supposed to go to a meeting later this afternoon.  I hope they cancelled it.  Because I am not going.  No siree, Bob!


This is what it looked like last night.  With even heavier rains expected in a few hours, it would be madness to attempt this meeting.

Back to work!  I like this working from home thing!  Nobody yammering at me!


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13 responses to “Working From Home

  1. susanna

    Sometimes I wish I were closer to the ocean but when it rains out here I’m on a little hill that drains both ways. Really nice. I believe your neighborhood is in good shape also up on that bluff.

  2. Patty O"

    Yup. Exciting time here last night. Son David came to the rescue from Ramona with tarps, tools, and his bright yellow waterproof overalls to help with flooding in the garage and to deliver MORE sandbags, since the previous supply did not suffice. Today roofers were here to install temporary tarps to the now-leaking roof over the garage. Watched the RIVER flow down the hill but the sandbags kept it away from driveway and house, it us no longer bone dry in La Mesa!

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Snorkeling in flood water?! Gross!!!

  4. Mother Nature may cancel it for them. I hope not but expect she might.

  5. bholles

    Hope they cancel your meeting.

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