Keep Banging the Drum

Captain’s Log    6,117

Everything is going very well at the car show.  The band is amazing!  They set up a lot of stuff and are putting on an amazing performance!

2015 symphony 1

Getting into the swing of it with Sekani’s drum solo on the small oil drum (center)

They are showing up in full African tribal attire today.  Whatever they want to do is fine with me.

The producer had 100 chairs set up yesterday.  It was standing room only at the 2:00 performance.  There must have been 200-250 people there.   People left tip money in the hubcaps strewn across the stage.  I am using that money to buy them fresh fruit and veggies today.

Our business manager came down yesterday with some parking fee money, and when she heard them play, her mouth dropped open with utter astonishment.  They are beyond amazing.  I could not ask for a better group of guys.

They also added dance movement to the afternoon performance!   They are dancing AND playing!

It is……so damn good!


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6 responses to “Keep Banging the Drum

  1. Looks like fun! Are the donations improving with live entertainment??

  2. poundheadhere

    That looks awesome! Will we get a video by any chance?

  3. I expect this is why the media was coming to see the performance. You have really changed the feel of being at a museum…

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