Bang the Drum

Captain’s Log    6,116

This is our master drummer who is putting together the symphony experience for us this year.  He is dynamic and lots of fun.  He is very well-respected.

It is certainly going to be different than it was last year!


Very fun guy!

Here he is putting together a “marimba” made out of radiator hoses.

darum 2

They rehearsed last night.  Cannot wait to see what they sound like at the convention center!

These guys are the only thing that is going to keep me going these next two weeks.   Trust me.  The rest of what I have to do is SO not fun!


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12 responses to “Bang the Drum

  1. We will be there too. G hopes the band will be somewhere near the museum’s display this year.
    After you have recovered from your massive workathon, we can do dinner. 🙂

  2. Joanie

    Dave’s crew has the Mazda booth this year. He won’t be there during the show. tho.

  3. susanna

    The auto show sounds fun. Is the ticket to get in expensive?

  4. poundheadhere

    I wish you had more fun in your job. The only thing in its favor is that it isn’t forever.

  5. Patty O"

    Will this be the Centennial Symphony that was planned for 2015? Something else? Convention Center? What gets to attend? Please advise.

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