A Day for Me

Captain’s Log    6,115

I am enjoying my day off!  I had a lemon muffin for breakfast.  And now I am going to make some egg salad for lunch.  It’s so fun to putter away the day doing laundry, reading books, feeding the birds, cleaning up a bit, etc.

lemon poppy

So good!  With some nice strong coffee!

Heinous and I are also celebrating today.  It’s his birthday and likes it when a bit of a fuss.  I bought him a wee bottle of rum.

heinous birthday

Yo ho ho!  And a bottle of Bacardi!

It’s rough having a birthday so close to Christmas.  I get that.  I always make his birthday something special and separate.  We are going to have Cheetos later.   Since he is already quite orange, they are safe for him to eat.

I went to a brunch yesterday.  About 30-40 people showed up with food.  Gads!  We could have eaten from that buffet for days!   It was nice to meet new people.   I did okay for me.  Since I am NOT a good party person.  I stayed busy in the kitchen making fruit salad, baking quiche,  and arranging flowers.  I am much more comfortable doing things like that.  But I also went out and sat down with people to eat.

I also went to a holiday dinner last night.  Banner day for eating.  I think that’s it now.  I least I hope so.

Enjoying this day off immensely.  Had to deal with a museum issue for awhile but now I can cruise through the rest of the day.


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12 responses to “A Day for Me

  1. I thank you for any regifting you sent our way. We be injoying it. Ditto the Christmas colored soap. You are doing very well.

  2. Happiness for quiet days… they’re a treasure!

  3. Patty O"

    Happy Birthday to Heinous! Glad you are having a quiet day.

  4. susanna

    I’m enjoying a half-day at home. I’ve been out and about partying recently and it feels quiet and relaxing. I just got off the phone with my sister who high jacked me with her stories for a looong time so now I am not answering the phone when it rings the rest of the day. Done!

  5. poundheadhere

    You deserve a whole bunch of days for you. Soon *hugs*

  6. bholles

    Enjoy your day.

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