Even More Thought-Provoking Photos

Captain’s Log    6,111

I am saving the best for last.  I have no words.

worst card

Mama!  Mama!

Okay, I don’t really buy into the whole religion deal anymore, but even I think this is beyond bad taste.

Moving on…………

bad 1

Fuck off Santa!  Uncle Tony taught me this!  The good twin seems too delighted.

bad 2

They probably look better this way.

bad 3

Um…..wow.  Christmas centaur.  Wow.  With some sort of weapon thing duct taped to his arm.  Wow.

bad 4

I don’t even want to know what goes on behind closed doors in that house.

bad 5

It IS possible to love the Nutcracker too much.

bad 6

Merry Christmas from the aliens in your tree!

bad 8

Decorating your pigs makes them smell better.

bad 7

I think she wanted that scooter instead of her alligator in a stroller.  Life isn’t fair.  She needs to toughen up.


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12 responses to “Even More Thought-Provoking Photos

  1. These are truly some of the best I’ve seen.

  2. Patty O"

    Afraid I have reached my limit here…

  3. susanna

    I see a book filled with these “wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it” Christmas photos with your concise, subtle, sarcasm’s that are SO FUNNY I COULD PEE. Is there a copy write issue? If not, I will do all the grunt work, you supply the musings and we’ll rack up a top 10 Christmas book.

  4. We have now reached your final destination, the island of Eww. Please be sure your tray tables are up and take all items from the overhead compartment before you exit. You’ll need to check your taste at the gate.

  5. carrie duff

    The stroller is a fracking komodo dragon!

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