More Awkward Holiday Shit

Captain’s Log   6,110

Let’s continue the fun.

awkward 4

For that special Bavarian touch.  Dad in his shorts and knee socks while mom is being choked by their homicidal son.  I think the daughter orchestrated the entire thing.  “You vill choke your momma!  And you vill choke her NOW!”  And the girl is thinking….. “Why are you so surprised?  You know we hate you!”

awkward 3

If you don’t have family, you take a photo of your phallic vegetable and use it as your Christmas card.  Sound idea.  I need to buy some seeds.


Um……I have no words.  The dog looks bored.  Dad looks spent.


What nightmares are made of.  Holy crap!


Sitting in her underwear playing with her angel monkey.  And I thought I was weird.


The fabric was on sale at Walmart.


I wonder what the photographer thought.


Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a leopard biting the neck of an antelope!  I wonder why I never thought of this.

awkward 1

Another sweet deal on fabric!  Is this the Duggar family?


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15 responses to “More Awkward Holiday Shit

  1. susanna

    I wait for these every year. Amazing fun!

  2. Acorn Hill Farm

    Part of me wants to admire the drive and ingenuity it took to work with the holiday fabrics but then there is the squash….

  3. Those are… unique. The big squash might take the prize though.

  4. poolagirl

    Great idea!

  5. What’s next?
    . Albino reindeer pulling a manger scene?

  6. Patty O"

    I’m beginning to worry about where you found all these horrors and why you looked for them in the first place…

  7. Sally Vangorkom

    Is that a 50 pound squash or are you just glad to see me?

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