Wound Up. Hard to Imagine, I Know.

Captain’s Log    6,108

Maybe I am getting old.  Well, I know I am getting old(er).  I will settle for old(er) right now.  Anyway, I saw some community theatre last night that has left me disturbed and uneasy.  I found out it was written by three guys from San Diego.  It has been performed at various community and professional houses around the city.  To mostly great reviews.


The guy who co-wrote this piece of crap also directed it.  

Not only is the script WAY too long, the content is beyond offensive.  I think they should have put a disclaimer on their publicity telling people that this script is offensive to Asians, Jews, anyone from northern Europe, etc.   It is the kind of piece that would probably appeal to the idiot mind of someone like Donald Trump.

But…..what was proved last night is the same old adage you find everywhere.  “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  The authors are connected with other small theatres in town.  If you work at a theatre and write a piece, chances are that theatre will produce it.  That’s how this all got started.  While doing my research, I discovered that this piece has only been performed where the writers had or have jobs.

The basic point of this whole production was the absurdity of political correctness.  I must say that I agree that we have become too sensitive.  However, that does not mean it is okay to bash other cultures to prove the point.  It is not okay for a pretend Jew holding a menorah to run away from German Oktoberfest dancers in mock terror.  It is not okay for actors to come out as Japanese people and mis-pronounce “L” and “R.”  I am surprised the director did not have them tape up their eyes.  Really.  I am surprised.  I thought I had walked into a Charlie Chan movie.

The other interesting thing is how obvious it was they had cast their friends.  One of the writers works at Sea World, and so do 4 out of the 5 cast members.  Convenient.  Too bad working at Sea World does not magically make you fit for putting on a musical.  Only one person in the cast had the real pipes to hold a role.

There was a lot of adult content….like references to cheesy sex on Christmas eve (seemingly against the cupboard in the kitchen).   I did not see any disclaimer about that either.  It would have been upsetting to find a child in that audience.  It was that over the top inappropriate.

I guess I would call it……..  Cards Against Humanity Played as a Badly-Written Christmas Show With Really Bad Actors Who Cannot Dance or Sing….and With No Parental Warning.

I play Cards Against Humanity.  I do.  It is truly disgusting.  It is an adult game.  It addresses issues that none of us have ever talked about before.  It is embarrassing.  And I am not surprised by the content.

The difference is (at least in my mind) that I know it’s a game.  I do not play it in a public place.  I do not ask people to buy a ticket for this event.  There are never any children present.  And we can talk about the content while we are playing the game.

So am I hypocrite for being so offended by the show last night?  When I engage in such a disgusting game, am I “allowed” to bash what I saw last night?  I think I am.  I was taken by complete surprise by the show.  Had I known what was going to happen, I know I would have declined.

Why did I go?  Friend Pam knew someone in the cast.  She had no idea the show was vulgar.  So we went.  And the place was so small it would have been challenging to leave without the young actor noticing our absence.  It became a “mercy” attendance.

It left such a bad taste in my mouth I don’t ever want to see anything this group does ever again.  The show was written and directed the their artistic director.  After last night’s experience, I feel like I cannot trust this guy to deliver real theatre for almost $25 a ticket.


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14 responses to “Wound Up. Hard to Imagine, I Know.

  1. susanna

    I wish there was some place you could write a critique of this immature little piece of outworn concepts.. Sounds like the stuff they are putting on TV to dumb us down.

  2. Boundaries – some people never understand them. Probably Trump supporters.

  3. Patty O"

    I have been to those kinds of productions that insult either your sensibilities or your intelligence, or worse yet when some “clever” director introduces some ghastly stage business that does both. I leave. I credit you with the grace to not upset the actor by stomping out. I might not have been so kind. Sigh.

  4. Sounds like a waste of the ticket cost. Too bad……hope the rest of your week goes much better.

  5. Sucks having standards, huh? I feel your pain.

  6. How did the rest of the audience react to the show, could you tell?

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