Peace Can Happen

Captain’s Log   6,105

This is all I can say today.


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12 responses to “Peace Can Happen

  1. Me too….while I enjoy the song.

  2. susanna

    Our country certainly is making us step up and help others because, like 67 said, it isn’t coming from the top down. I really, really, really want to volunteer with others that are doing good things for San Diegans.

  3. Patty O"

    SO good to hear the voice of John MacDermott again. I’m going to go listen to him sing “Danny Boy” – another war song, sung Father to Son – and have a good cry for our poor world.

  4. Something is terrible wrong with our country. We rush to help other countries and yet our own military and mentally challenged , our poor and our children are still suffering. The middle class is now the new impoverished. We rush to judge and kill without reason in large areas where people gather. Good traditions and joyful Christmas programs are taken to court and stopped because one person didn’t like the minor religious overtones of a manger scene in the event. And our political leaders seem to turn a blind eye to what the country really needs in order to keep their own agendas. I can’t imagine what 2016 is going to bring.

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