Captain’s Log    6,104

It was not the best re-entry day yesterday.   Three people were out.  Considering there are only seven of us working in the administration offices, that left quite a large hole.  Only one person was scheduled to be off.  One called in sick and I sent the other one home due to illness.  Not fun.  Good thing attendance was light and the phones were quiet.

I got home and just wanted to snuggle up with a book.  I started out of the sofa wrapped in blankets.  I quickly moved into the bedroom with my book and a stack of magazines.  I don’t mind reading on the sofa, but I tend to roll away from the blankets the moment I start to nod off.  Going to bed kept me from freezing.


Almost every night.  ALWAYS every night on the sofa.  I wonder if there is a special name for that.

When I was a kid, I read everywhere.  Bed, sofa, chair, kitchen table, floor, library stacks, front steps, my “schoolhouse,” the garage, neighbor’s porch, barn, baseball bleachers, bathtub, etc.  The only place I could not read was inside the car while it was moving.  I am better with that now.  I can read for short periods  –  like long enough to check a map.  One of my favorite places to read now is on airplanes.  I set up my tray table and read for hours.  I read one book on my recent flight from San Diego to New York.  I didn’t read all that much from New York to Amsterdam because it was the middle of the night and the whole idea is to sleep if you can.  I read six books on Kindle while I was in Amsterdam.

When I was in the Netherlands, Anneke and I stopped at a bookstore to find John Irving’s latest.  I love his work and so does Anneke.

I love talking about books with Anneke.  Over a year ago,she convinced me to purchase and finish Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch.  It took me five seconds to order it online and over a year to finish it.  I just couldn’t get the mental traction the book required.  I remained mud-bound for months.

the goldfinch

According to Anneke (and e-book statistics I researched this morning), Donna Tartt holds the record for writing the book most people do not finish.  Hmmmm……  And it’s a Pulitzer winner.  I only finished it to prove something to myself (and to Anneke).   Maybe they gave Tartt the Pulitzer because nobody else wanted it.  

The best thing about reading this book was being able to see the actual painting The Goldfinch when we went to The Hague!  I enjoyed the painting far more than I enjoyed the book.

Back to John Irving…….I love this one so much I re-ordered it.  I started it last night.


Reads almost like poetry

Really good stuff.  Really good.

I would love to get into John Irving’s head for just a day.

I watched The End of the Tour on the plane from Amsterdam to Minneapolis.  Great film about David Foster Wallace, the turbulent genius who gave us this literary classic.

infinite jest

This will be one for the librocubicularist that lurks inside of me.  At almost 1,100 pages (small print), it will be a challenge.  But I am up for it.


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22 responses to “Librocubicularist

  1. poundheadhere

    I don’t read as much as I used to, but still love reading 🙂

  2. Patty O"

    Wow! We are ALL avid readers, I see. I live surrounded by books and usually have 3 or 4 going at the same time so I can decide depending upon my mood and choose the one that suits the day.

  3. Edie

    I agree with you on The Goldfinch…i really had a hard time finishing it.

  4. 1100 pages???? Gads, what a challenge! Better have some really good stuff in it! ;)) LOL I’m reading a murder mystery book about ghosts in the South. Cool story. I read with my Kindle (over 800 books on it not counting the ones that are archived), paperbacks and hardbacks — anything that appeals to me (Janet Evanovitch, Koonz, Tony Hillerman, Dick Francis
    to name a few.)

  5. Jpanie

    Of course there’s a special name for someone who likes to read on the couch. Libropotatoularist. I should know, I’m one of them. Unless you have a sofa shaped like a cube, and it’s past your bedtime and you don’t wake up until morning, then it reverts back to librocubicularist. Actually, I never heard that word in my life, but it’s fun to say.In fact, I can’t stop saying it.

  6. I plan to get back to reading when the new year comes around. I have wasted too much time doing other things.

  7. susanna

    I cannot imagine how many books you have read. I think you have had more fun than I reading because I mostly stayed with non-fiction, philosophy, spirituality, and all manner of “serious” inquiry. I recently picked up a mediocre Christmas romance just to entertain and I’m loving it. I should give A Prayer for Owen Meany a try.

  8. Anneke. Borst

    I just bought Irvings newest (ebook); Avenue of Mysteries.

  9. bholles

    I love to read as much as you do. Guess all the trips to the library as kids paid off.

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