Loving the Movies

Captain’s Log   6,103

I did something yesterday I had not done in YEARS!  I put on jammies, wrapped up in two blankets, got a bowl of popcorn and some soda, and binge-watched three movies on Turner Classic Movies.  Oh my gosh!  It was so much fun!  The movies were incredibly awful, and that’s what made them so much fun!


Jason and the Argonauts, 1963.  Horrible special effects that had me laughing through the entire film.  Poseidon gets in the thick of things here.  He was always such a nosy god.

land that time forgot

The Land that Time Forgot, 1974.  I hate it when you take your submarine into a floating mass of icebergs and find tropical dinosaurs and Neanderthals running around in constant battle.  Movies like this must make the creationists swoon with joy.  Except they don’t believe in Neanderthals that much, so never mind.

Lost Horizon (35)

Lost Horizon, 1937.  This was kind of like the other movie, except all these people survived a horrible plane crash in the Himalayas and were taken to paradise way up there by walking through a portal in the mountain.  Unlike the other film, they are not threatened by dinosaurs. They can play concert grand pianos, talk to lamas, and ride horses if they wish.  I love how they are dressed for clambering around in temperatures about -70 degrees and almost zero oxygen.  And check out how the lady’s coat closes opposite the men’s coats.  Proper fashion at all times!

I tried to make it through a 4th film but I fell asleep.  But not before I saw this part.


Thief of Baghdad, 1940.  Evil Grand Vizier, Jaffa, constructs the Silver Maid, a six-armed, blue-skinned woman.  The king falls into the maid’s embrace and she plunges a large needle into the back of his neck.  It’s a creepy moment!  She’s got six arms and she kills you while she’s giving you a hug. But she does play a mean banjo-thing.  Creepy Silver Maid!

I grew up on movies.  My mother loved them and would often go with me.  When I was old enough to go alone, she sent me every Friday night (until I got into high school and the basketball games were more fun).  If my cousins came to visit on Sunday, we were sent to the movies again.  Many times I saw the same film I had seen two nights before.  But it didn’t matter.  I absolutely LOVED the movies.  I still do.


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8 responses to “Loving the Movies

  1. I’ve seen every one of those movies–unreal… they are truly classics! LOL

  2. Sounds like a great day for you…very relaxing. I also think when you watch the old science fiction shows, and you can see the strings holding up the flying saucers, you wonder how you missed it as a child.

  3. Those look awesome! I had NO idea anything so spectacularly tacky was out there (well except for the dinosaur romance book and all). Must-watch TV!

  4. Patty O"

    Wow! They really chose some dandies, didn’t they?

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