Nature Can Be Stressful

Captain’s Log   6,101

It’s that day again today.  Our no-pay day should be huge.  Lots of people are already taking off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I know they will show up at our doors later today.

We had some cutie pies visit over the summer.  I asked permission (of course) and  then snapped this photo.  The little girl was really into the red horse.  Cute.


Little people can be adorable.

I picked up one of the staff from the airport last night.  A low marine layer rolled through as I was waiting, and the fog became so intense they had to cancel flights.  I think her plane was the last one they allowed to land before shutting the runways.  It was eerie.


Weird.  As soon as we drove up one of the hills near downtown, we were completely on top of this.  Even so, the planes could not land because they could not see the runways.

The fog hung around until about 11:00 last night.  Thirty seven flights were diverted to Los Angeles or Palm Springs.  I am glad they did not divert her flight.  That would have meant a midnight pick up (maybe) or they might have put them on a buses.  That’s another option they use with fog.   I was supposed to land in San Diego once around 10:00 PM.  We diverted to Los Angeles.  We tried it again.  And we diverted BACK to Los Angeles.  Then, we got on two big buses and rode to San Diego.  I got to the airport at 5:30 in the morning.  Color me crabby for that!

What does a fog bank roll-in look like when it’s coming in?

fog bank

Kinda like this.  I moves quickly and causes a lot of stress for people trying to drive or fly planes.

Off to work.  Short day today and even shorter day tomorrow.  And then……..Thanksgiving!


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14 responses to “Nature Can Be Stressful

  1. susanna

    I hear the fog is rolling out and a little storm is rolling in; that’s a good thing for us, our plants can use a nice rain. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Valerie

    What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Charlie and I are on our own this year so we’re heading to New Hampshire to stay in a country inn for the weekend. Dinner reservations for Thanksgiving are made. We’ll go to some country craft fairs and church fairs on Black Friday – and when we get back to the inn there will be wrapping paper, bows and tape for us to wrap our purchases while enjoying some wine and snacks. We’re hoping to explore the state capital Concord on Saturday and when we go back to the inn it will be decorated for Christmas! Getting psyched that our sad, lonely holiday is turning into a lovely, new adventure!

  3. So glad you are having shorts days before the holiday. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  4. Patty O"

    A favorite spot for fogwatchers is to drive north toward San Francisco on the eastern side of the coastal range…say about in the King City-and-north area, and watch the fog roll in the late afternoon. It looks like whipped cream pouring out of a too-full bowl, over the rim and slowly down the side. But you don’t want to get caught in it! The exact opposite? The ghastly “Tulle” fogs of the Central Valley. Those were responsible for the deadly 100-car/truck pile ups on the 99. They don’t happen any more as a rule now that smudge pots are no longer used in the orchards. Coastal fog does cool things down and it does dampen the parched earth, but it is also treacherous.

  5. I’m glad your friend made it home at a reasonable hour before the fog shut-down. That’s some mighty heavy fog!

  6. We get fog really bad here too, and since it’s in the country, there’s not many lights and next to no lines on the roads. We’ve driven by our turn-off several times in the fog. It is downright dangerous! BTW, cute kids!

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