Going to the Museums

Captain’s Log   9,098

We went to a lot of museums.  They have an annual pass which is the way to go.  I believe it cost 63 Euros.  I had it paid for in four visits.

Museumkaart (1)

Easy as pie – except for one museum where the ticket guy decided to be an asshat.  I Yelped the place.  Gave them a ding for having such an asshat dealing with customers.  Thank goodness Anneke was there to fix it for me.  The ticket lady in the sales booth was also very nice.  But then I had to go back and deal with the asshat who decided to be a partial asshat one more time.  Grrrrr…..  I hope they read their Yelp reviews.

I loved this museum!   It was probably my favorite one this trip.


The Mauritshuis in the Hague

I liked it because this amazing painting is housed there.  I got within three feet of this lovely piece!

girl with the pearl earring

Girl With the Pearl Earring by Vermeer

This incredible art is everywhere!  Absolutely everywhere!  I could spend a year just enjoying the 400 museums you can go to for free with the annual pass.

The most amazing place we visited was Kasteel de Haar.  Be still my heart!


Not my photo.  This one is much better.  Can you imagine????

So I came back to collapsed ceilings in the museum, drama, and park politics gone nutzoid.   *sigh*


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25 responses to “Going to the Museums

  1. I’m catching up again – hopefully to stay that way going forward. The museums look like heaven to me. Unfortunately I couldn’t visit personally because of access issues, but I’m grateful I get to peek in through your photos

  2. susanna

    Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth stared in the movie The Girl with the Pearl Earing. I enjoyed it. You and Dangerspouse are a riot.

  3. G says your ceilings were fine Saturday.
    That painting is luminous.

  4. I hope there wasn’t too much damage to the museum — city gov’t is very tight-fisted with the buck, and they pay for it by neglecting to take care of their properties until it’s an emergency and then they pay 3x as much. If they’d only been proactive to begin with…

  5. Sorry to hear you will be dealing with the messes that always seem to occur when you are out of town. Hope it doesn’t take too long to fix them.

  6. Patty O"

    Oh! So THAT’s where she lives! I saw her at the National Gallery in D.C. some years ago and was mesmerized. Breathtaking.

  7. Welcome back!

    You’re lucky you got to see “Girl w/ Pearl Earring”. Up until very recently it was on loan to The Frick Collection in NYC – possibly my wife’s favorite museum. If/when you ever have to fly out here to pick up your Tony you really need to check that place out. They have THREE Vermeers on permanent display. That’s, like, 10 % of all the Vermeers in existence.

    But I’m sure you’re much happier out there under your colander roof 🙂

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