Home is Home is Home

Captain’s Log    6,097

I made it!  Home at last!  And finally finding the mental energy to sit down and write something.

It was a wonderful trip.  I will post photos later and write more.  Amersfoort is a wonderful place.  I want to see much more of the city another time.   This coffee place was hands-down my favorite place to get a nice cup.  We went there twice.  I could have been happy going there every single day.


Right now I need to get to the museum.  Apparently, the roof leaked badly during the last big rain storm.  We lost quite a bit of stuff in our library.  Thanks to the city for being idiots about our roof.

There are a myriads of other challenges too that I cannot go into here.  Let’s just say I was fortunate that I did NOT have to have a special meeting on Saturday to deal with something big.  That was postponed until today.

Immediately after clearing US Customs and security re-check in Minneapolis, we were greeted with the news about the horrific events in Paris.  Every TV monitor in the airport was turned to the news.  Every passenger who had time to wait was standing there trying to make sense of what happened there.  That made me even more anxious to just get home and be away from airports.

The gate next to mine was a plane departing for Paris.  Let’s just say those passengers looked very concerned.  I have no idea when France actually closed its airports.  I would not have wanted to be flying with such uncertainty.


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15 responses to “Home is Home is Home

  1. joanie

    Glad you’re back, especially in light of everything that’s going on. Our lives are truly messed up when we can’t feel safe anywhere, much less in an Airport where we have all those “security guards”.

  2. Welcome back home — nice to go away, but even better to return to the comforts of home. I do not understand how people can kill others and say that their God asked them to. Horrible…such insanity.

  3. susanna

    So glad you made it home safely. France has said it will now join us in our endeavor to irradiate the pockets of terrorists. It’s a complicated mission but I am grateful France will be joining us. Sorry about the losses due to the rain. If anyone can make them accountable it’s you.

  4. farmgirl

    I heard shortly after you left that Americans were having to go through customs 2-3 times in Amsterdam. You just missed it. So glad you are home safely!!

  5. Patty O"

    Remember when being in an airport used to be FUN? That stopped for me in 1960 when I was in Brussels and spent a sickening day watching the departure boards as all frights elsewhere were cancelled and rerouted to the Congo after the Mau Mau massacres. The horror continues, just in other places. There were high powered rifles in Heathrow following an IRA bombing. Last summer’s tornado alert at DIA. Think I’ll stay home for a while…

  6. poolagirl

    They will survive. Nobody is indispensable.

  7. I think if I was on a flight to Paris, I would have gladly cancelled. Hope you can give the Museum the Capt Poolie stare-down and get the messes straightened out. I can’t imagine what the museum will do when you retire.

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