National TV! Wahoo!

Captain’s Log    6,092

Well, I did it!

Poolie on National TV

I was very nervous.  Four hours of filming boiled down to this.  I’ll take it.  I didn’t look too much like a goof.


I went to see a production of the Wizard of Oz story done by one of the better local theatres here.  I was surprised that the scarecrow and the tin man were both carrying real tools.  They swung them around.  Twirled them over their heads.  And the stage is not that big.

Wouldn’t you know it, about 25 minutes into the show, Dorothy got nailed right in the head by the scarecrow’s REAL scythe that he was swinging over his head during one of the production numbers.  Caught her right next to her right eye.  They had to stop the show and patch her up with some butterfly closures.  My guess is she went to the hospital after the show for some stitches.  During preview, the tin man’s REAL axe got caught in the lion’s wig.  He was that close!

Who would use REAL farm tools on a stage?  WHO?  They should be shut down for this.  Seriously.


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20 responses to “National TV! Wahoo!

  1. susanna

    Paula, you were awesome in the video. Very engaging. you could easily have had (have) a career in TV. You are so relaxed and the way you present the material has just the right touch creating a bit of drama and high interest.
    The director of the Wizard is an idiot! Should be sued. But back to you. It was perfecto! I Love that show and have watched many episodes. When they did the air museum in SD I though maybe you’d be doing a segment also.

  2. The video clip won’t play for me 😦

    Doesn’t change the fact that you should be proud! So many positive and wonderful adventures for you lately 😀

  3. Congratulations on a job well done! Great seeing you in action! 🙂

  4. bholles

    Now I have a famous sister.

  5. Patty O"

    I LOVE having that to share on my computer! I tried to forward the video to Eric to share with the old gang but could not get it to send. Perhaps you could send it to him? As for the play. Uhhh…I would imagine the theater’s INSURER would have a pithy thing or two to say. That’s just NUTS, and yes, Dorothy would appear to have a cause of action with several people. Jeez…

  6. joanie

    You did such an awesome job on national TV! You looked like you’ve been doing it all your life. (Your next career??) I showed Dave, he was VERY impressed that you had your own segment on the Travel Channel, he watches it all the time. Loved it!

  7. It’s the ’47 Cadillac Onion! Ah, they don’t make ’em like that any more.
    You ROCKED your 15 minutes, babe. Well done – great camera presence. And…did you choose that shirt specifically to match your eyes? Looked great, like a well styled car.
    Woot woot woot! Goooooooooo, Poolie!

  8. Loved your TV appearance. As for that play…..I guess I would not want to be one of those members……sounds like a lawsuit in the making to me! Who would be so stupid as to use real tools….even fake tools would cause problems.. Wow…Lucky her eye wasn’t taken out.

  9. You were great! We watched you like five times ! All the while squealing we know her! We know her! We really really know her !!!

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