98 Degrees of Hell

Captain’s Log    6,091

It’s too damn hot!  It’s the middle of October!



I took care of a friend’s house yesterday.  She lives east of the city where it tends to get really hot.  I snapped this photo as I was about to step out of my car to take in mail and water plants.  It was 4:45 in the afternoon.

Thank goodness she has a pool.  While the plants were being sprinkled and sprayed, I took off my shoes and dangled my feet in the water.  It helped a bit.  Until I had to leave.

Six weeks ago, it was 36 degrees in the mountains near Yosemite.  What the hell?

yos snow

I could get into this for a day or two.  Like….tomorrow?

I know.  Soon I will be griping that I have to wear slippers and a robe.  I just seems like I am never happy with anything.

The Rough Fire that started July 31st in Kings Canyon National Park is still burning.  It’s 95% contained, but it is still burning.  Amazing.  Only heavy rains or snow will finish the job now.  Fire scares the living shit out of me.  I am so glad they took every precaution to keep us safe while we drove around through the Sierras.

I have to go to a special luncheon in the park today.  They have them twice a year and ALWAYS serve the identical meal each time.  Been this way for almost 11 years now.  Dangerspouse would be appalled.  I doubt it they will change it up today.  Maybe sourdough rolls instead of French this time?  A girl can always hope.

Off to the salt mines.


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23 responses to “98 Degrees of Hell

  1. 11 years of this and Cobb Salad and Flan with water is the best they can do?? And here we were griping at paying $38 per couple for our catered dinner (Make Your own Fajitas with tri-tip and chicken, Corn Pone (small round corn bread nuggets that were truly melt in your mouth delicious, Spanish Rice, refried beans, a black bean & corn salsa that was to die for, salad with coffee, tea or lemonade, and sherbet and cake for dessert.

  2. That’s not much of a lunch……perhaps you should bring your own!

  3. Patty O"

    Nice of Mexico to share their newest batch of wet air with us to go with the heat. And last night the low temperature was a record-breaking high. Yup, we had a HIGH LOW. I wonder where HI LILLY was?

  4. I’m appalled you didn’t say what is being served. How can I (justly) excoriate a menu I haven’t seen?

    Oh well. I will anyway: I’M APPALLED!

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