Hot Under the Black Collar

Captain’s Log   6,090

One more day of oppressive heat and we MIGHT regain some semblance of fall.  Maybe.  I don’t know what I was thinking on Saturday when I decided to trim up the plants in the garden.  They looked goofy and I wanted to fix them.  While wearing a black t-shirt.  At least I had shorts on.

Gads!  It was hot!  I was worn out in a matter of minutes.

hot garden

Fiercely unpleasant time – but the geraniums look great now

I think doing that should be equivalent to hiking about 35 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  Maybe 50.  The black t-shirt added a few extra mileage points.


I would rather read Bill Bryson’s stories about this.

I have wandered a bit on the Pacific Crest Trail.  I didn’t know I was even on the trail until I saw a marker.  So I guess I can say (in all honesty) that I have hiked part of the trail.  Ha!

My Kindle charger died.  I dropped it on the tile floor and the bits inside rattled loose.  So much for that.  I ordered another one that will arrive in time for my trip to the Netherlands.  This will be my third trip to Europe with that Kindle.  It’s the only way to travel when you need to pack light.  It fits in my small purse and keeps me entertained on the plane for eight hours.  Who could ask for more?  I know the new fancy Kindles have a battery that lasts more than a month.  When I travel to Outer Mongolia, I will buy one of those.

It’s Columbus Day.  I suppose all the federal offices are closed.  They close for every damn holiday in the world.


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28 responses to “Hot Under the Black Collar

  1. I’m saving my Kindle for my airplane ride in December…I have over 500 books on there so I should not run out of reading material…as long as the electricity outlets are working!!!!

  2. Patty O"

    Poor Poolie! You look SO hot! Re: books. Every year when I go to Montana I stuff a couple of books I have read but do not wish to keep into the nooks and crannies of the suitcase…and I leave them there. The lodge bookcase is heavy on Montana/Western/Cowboy but little else. Over the years I have quietly added books of general interest/literature/art/Mysteries and they are all still there. Shhh… As for Dangerspouse; take him up on the deal and get to know new wifey and get HER side of the story!

  3. bholles

    You will also have my kindle by then.

  4. farmgirl

    Books don’t break when you drop them. Don’t need to be recharged. Just sayin’.

    • poolagirl

      I know. But they take up WAY too much space when you have to pack light for Europe.

      • farmgirl

        so you are saying…before kindle no one took books on airplanes? Oh…I get it…you an take several on a kindle whereas 2-3 books would take up space? That’s what you get for reading more than one book on a trip like most normal people.

  5. I live literally yards off a beautiful stretch of the Appalachian Trail in northern New Jersey, and right now it’s 71 degrees with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine. Oh, and an abundance of water.

    But I’d still rather be in CA. Wanna swap?

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