Zen and the Art of Coffee

Captain’s Log    6,089

I was making coffee this morning when I discovered something awesome!  I used an old electric (disposable) tooth brush to clean my French press crannies.   The nooks are never a problem, but the crannies can be maddening.  I wish Heloise was still writing her hints.  I would send this to her.

I also have cranny issues with my Nutri Bullet canister.  Cleaned that right up too.

It’s a slow day for news here at Casa de Pirate when I write about useful applications of old toothbrushes.  But the results were wonderful.  Wonderful enough to buoy me through this entire day.

coffee zen 2

Crannies cleaned and fresh coffee steeping

Yesterday, I wrote about my woeful cooking skills.  Thinking a bit more about that weep-fest, I do recall a time when I had one of my cooking snobs over for dinner.  He and his wife are total snoots about food.  I was nervous.  I served a lovely plated salad with crisp French bread.  The main course was my signature rotini bake with lots of cheese, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, oregano, and veggie sausage.  I used zero garlic in the sauce.


Not really mine but it looked just like this.  Piping hot right from the over and served at the table.

Sidenote: My plated salads really ARE the bomb.  In addition to greens, I use things like Medjool dates, walnuts, apples, yellow grape tomatoes, shredded Parmesan,  etc.   When melon is in season, I include a small wedge (rind removed) on the side.

After dinner, he sat back and applauded me for my efforts.  He said I had used just the right amount of garlic.  He loved the wine too.  I decanted a cheap red and he did not know the difference.  The veggie sausage also fooled him.  It fools everybody, even dyed-in-the-wool carnivores.  We had pistachio gelato for dessert with Walker’s shortbreads on the side.  And dark, lovely coffee made in a French press with recently-cleaned crannies.  And half-and-half poured from one of those little white cream things you see in fancy restaurants.  I got it for $1.49 at World Market.

No garlic and cheap wine.  And I still managed to pull it off.

Maybe cooking is like everything else in this world.  Fake it til you make it.

I know I do coffee well.  I will use that as the jumping off point.


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24 responses to “Zen and the Art of Coffee

  1. susanna

    It takes planning to gather all those ingredients, that’s what impresses me.

  2. poundheadhere

    Pasta and cheese constitutes gourmet in my house, lol

  3. In the words of Coffee Drinker…”Yummithy!”

  4. That’s the trick. 🙂

  5. joanie

    OMG that looks so delicious! At first I thought it was a meatball pizza, but what it really is got my salivary glands going!!!

  6. So is dinner at 6? We’ll be there! YUM!

  7. You are such a crack-up…wish we lived closer…actually, I wish I’d known you when we lived there in S.D.

  8. I remember your epic salads…They are a work of art, for sure. And the rest of that meal (without any wine) sounds delicious to me. Keep on with your bad self!

  9. Patty O"

    Your decanting story rang a bell. I have a friend who is a terrible wine snob. She makes extravagant statements about NEVER allowing some wines to pass her lips. I have done wine tastings just for fun now and then and one night I did a blind tasting to see how my guests would fare. In the whites she picked the Two Buck Chuck, which was on her proscribed list. So much for her “sophisticated” palate! Besides, it’s not that bad for an “every day” kind of affordable wine. Save the good stuff for Saturday night…

    • poolagirl

      Saturday night? Are you coming over?

      • Patty O"

        Uh….not THIS Saturday night, cuz I’m working a fundraiser at MTRP, but let’s definitely pick a date and plan something. I’ll come early so I can actually FIND your place and will bring some GOOD wine along with the veggies. Your assignment: some nice crusty bread, one roasting pan, two sharp knives, and two cutting boards. And some bowls. I’ll bring the rest. AFTER you gat back from your truip…so have chocolate, too, pleases!

  10. I knew you couldn’t cook.

    *rolls eyes*

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