Vacation Time Soon!

Captain’s Log    6,087

So someone peed on one of the upholstered seats during the big wing-ding over the weekend. It was a lot of pee. Whoever did it just left it there without saying anything to anyone.   If you walk away from pee fast enough perhaps you are no longer responsible for putting it there. That must be it.

So I brought my little pee-cleaning Bissell upholstery cleaning machine to the museum and started scrubbing the seat. Naturally, the machine stopped working properly. It would not spray the soap solution correctly. After several attempts to fix it, I just gave up. I know I got most of the pee out of the seat. But I think it’s a far better option to have a professional pee cleaner tackle the job. Someone asked me if I had the janitor clean the pee. It never crossed my mind. I brought in the machine so I assumed I would be the pee cleaner. I simply cannot command someone else to clean pee. I am not that kind of manager.

People are weird. I have no problem with women breastfeeding in public. A young mom was being discreet with her baby, and I smiled and thought it was lovely. Five minutes later, she has the kid on the floor and she is kneeling over him literally trying to jam her breast in his face. That was a bit….disconcerting. And she did it right out there for God and everyone else to watch. At first I thought she was wrestling the poor little guy.

Our end of the park was left a mess. The “nice” end of the park was cleaned up right away. We schleps on the south end were left to walk over trash and cables. I complained. The rest of the park is pristine and we look like a war zone. I am tired of being given the table scraps.

So the wing-ding was not a biggest success in the world. I certainly hope we do not do it again. My guess is we will net $50 once everything is paid for. Not my idea of wonderful.

It’s raining today. I like that. Even though I forgot my umbrella (left it at work) and had to walk in a downpour to a meeting in the park, it was still grand. We need this moisture – desperately. It felt good to wake up and walk across a cold tile floor this morning too. We don’t have a lot of seasonal experiences here, so when temperatures do start to change, I really notice. It’s the small stuff. Cold tile on my feet make me happy.

I want to go to the Netherlands NOW!

fall canal

The fall colors should be brilliant!  Hope I arrive in time!


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11 responses to “Vacation Time Soon!

  1. For a while our bathrooms at work were closed. The boss stated that she was tired of cleaning up other people’s messes. Someone had missed the toilet with their poo. How does someone walk away from a little pile of poo?

  2. joanie

    “Cold tile on my fee-eet makes me happy”, sung to the tune of “Sunshine on my Shoulders” (John Denver). Sorry, can’t help myself.

  3. I just talked to someone yesterday who said the homeless people are walking into her office and wanting to use the restroom. She had to say no before it got to be a problem with one woman who comes in all the time. I can’t imagine anyone peeing on an upholstered chair and not trying to clean it up ~ or at the very least, letting someone know about it. Wow~ I also am shocked at times at how WOMEN leave a public restroom in such filthy way.

  4. Valerie

    Love the picture! Interesting that you can have low expectations of people’s behavior and they still are able to surprise you by sinking even lower!

  5. Patty O"

    I allowed a woman with a toddler to use the private bathroom in my gift shop ONCE. She left toddler poo all over the place. I think they had a poo tossing fight in there! I so not understand what makes people think that kind of behavior is acceptable. Nor was that the worst thing to happen there. The public can be NASTY.

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