Far Far Away (I Want to Be)

Captain’s Log    6,086

The big fair thing is kind of a bust.  At least for our museum.  3 out of the 12 exhibitors inside our space have already packed up and left.

The mood is like this.


About as happy as most exhibitors were yesterday.

And it’s raining today.  And we all know what San Diegans do in the rain.  They panic!  The film below captures it perfectly.  They are making fun of Los Angeles, but San Diego is just as bad.  Enjoy!


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13 responses to “Far Far Away (I Want to Be)

  1. susanna

    So they took their toys and left; what a bunch of wusses. The rain is so intermittent; then the sun shines and then it rains a bit more, big deal.

  2. poundheadhere

    One part of me is sorry the event tanked. Another part rejoices because it meant smaller hordes invading the museum, which ideally would also mean less work for you.

  3. So sorry some of the exhibitors left already. But hope the rain makes the long day go away!

  4. I’m so sorry. That sucks. That’s a huge bust. And I don’t mean the boob kind either.

  5. bholles

    I am sure you will be glad when today is over.

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