Getting Ready for the Wing Ding

Captain’s Log    6,085

The Maker Faire is coming to the park.  We will be deeply impacted by this event.  We are a participating museum, so we will share 90% of the profits with nine other museums.  The question is….will there be any profit?  This is a massive event with over 200 makers INSIDE the museums….and I don’t even know how many outside activities there will be throughout the park.


A bamboo bike builder will be inside our space.  Kinda cool.

Outside things that won’t fit into a museum include….


Gregory the Giraffe who met Obama a few years ago when the White House hosted a Maker Faire.  He moves around via remote control.  Gregory….not Obama.


The Cupcake Cars!  These are always a big hit every year at Burning Man.

In the parking lot in front of our building, a game of Battle Pond has been set up.

battle pond

It’s a grown up version of Battleship.  You use remote controls to “sink” other boats.

They were filling this when I left yesterday.  Holy shit.  The jury is still out on this one.

It’s going to be super busy.  We are fully staffed.  We are also loading up with extra volunteers.  We are catering lunch to make it easy for people to work a shift.

So this will be my life over the weekend.  It’s never dull.


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27 responses to “Getting Ready for the Wing Ding

  1. susanna

    Awesome all around. I want to bring my gals over; it looks fun. And Oct 16th 9:00, etc. is in my monthly planner! Whee.

  2. It does look like fun.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Good luck with the event, it looks really rad! Is the guy building the bamboo bikes named Craig by any chance?

  4. Should be quite the event…Hope you get to see some of the action!

  5. Valerie

    How cool is that????

  6. Patty O"

    Unhappily I have tickets for the Old Globe Sunday night. The OG has already warned theater patrons that we will have One Jolly Time getting into the park…

  7. Sally Vangorkom

    The Battleship “pond” was filled overnight, but the plexi panels that were promised to be behind the chain-link fence are conspicuously absent. Hope nothing flies out and hits a person or SDAM’s big red water truck!

  8. I saw this in the museum’s mailer. This may sound dumb (or rather, “dumber than usual for me”), but what is a “Maker Faire”? Looking at the spelling of “Faire” and those cupcake carts, is it like a combo of Renaissance Fair and carnival?

  9. bholles

    Hope everything goes okay and you make lots of money.

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