Hey Lady! Fix Your Tire!

Captain’s Log    6,084

So I got in my car yesterday and the low-tire alarm went off.  Now, it isn’t some pleasant little beep.  It sounds more like this.



Combined with this.


Brrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh taaaaaaaaa taaaaaaaaa!  Ta!

Holy mother fucker son of a bitch!  I was pulling into the street when the noise hit.  SUPER loud!  Just to let me know my tire was 2 pounds low.  I wonder what it would do if the tire was seriously flat.  I would most likely be deaf.


What the hell does that mean?  It looks like a little man diving into a wine glass or perhaps an old-fashioned soup cup.  Or someone surprised to see snakes weaving around a rubber doormat.  Or maybe the shower stall doormat.  It would really be scary to see snakes lurking around the shower.

So I got to the museum and one of the best volunteers ever checked my tires.  Two pounds low.  AND a screw in the rear left tire.  Nice.  I took it to Discount Tires (best ever) and they fixed it for free.  I had to wait almost two hours, but they fixed it and sent me on my merry way.

I think this is all quite funny because the actual horn on my car goes…..ung ung.  Really nothing at all.  But get a screw in your tire and you would think the alarms are sounding for a massive tornado touchdown.

Big fun at the museum today.  Major arrival of the cars for the next exhibit.  Got these so far.


All-electric Fisker.  No longer in production.  Cost approximately $100,000.


All-electric BMW i3.  Cost approximately $85,000.

elecric smart

Electric Smart Car.  Cost approximately $18,000.  

I wonder what happens when their tires need air.


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14 responses to “Hey Lady! Fix Your Tire!

  1. So sorry Fisker went bust. That’s a beauty.

  2. poundheadhere

    Electric cars are an awesome thing – still looking for a solar powered car though for driving in Arizona.

  3. susanna

    That Fisker is a beauty. Looks like you will be presenting an all electric car exhibit?

  4. Patty O"

    I always cringe when I see a Smart Car on the freeway. Smaer Car, Stupid

  5. maryz

    Good friends got a Smart Car for driving around town – but mainly for towing behind their RV. I’ve ridden in it – and it’s surprisingly roomy. Way too close to the ground for me as MY car, though.

  6. You probably have to say Beep Beep on the Smart Car. I think they are cute but would be afraid to ride in one for fear of an accident….and being squished in a can.

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