Put the Freakin’ Phone Away

Captain’s Log   6,080

Okay.  I never do this but now I never will.  If you charge your phone under your pillow at night, the phone can burn up and start your bed on fire.  Is that scary enough?

cellphone fire

Don’t think you would require a snooze alarm if this happened.

Ah…..cell phones.  As much as some people say they should be hated and abolished, the sad truth is….they’re here!  And for now, they are a staple in our technology diets.  They are very useful as communication tools.  I save SO much time having my phone.  I get results almost instantly.  I can stay in touch with my staff, and with the world changing as fast as it is…..keeping track of my team is important.  I have a job where I need to know what’s going on.  We are open seven days a week.  We have security issues at night.  There is ALWAYS something that can go wrong in an instant.  And since I am the boss, I need to be in this loop.

I do have manners, though.  I never EVER talk on my phone in a restaurant.  EVER.  I step outside and handle the call.  If I get a work text, I evaluate what I need to do.  Texting back a few words is fine.  But if it requires more than that, I excuse myself.  I will not sit there and have other people at the table watch me conduct business.  I never EVER return a personal text in a restaurant.

But I know I am alone in this.  Big Sister Mia and I went out for breakfast on Saturday.  The two people sitting next to us dabbled on their phones the entire time they were waiting for their food.  Once the food arrived, they ate in silence.  It was the craziest thing.  I don’t buy that “silent company” crap for a minute when people are in a restaurant.  Unless you are only going to fill up your food tanks.  Dining is designed to be a social enterprise.  You are supposed to pay attention to the person you are sitting with.


USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Couple having dinner and text messaging

Uh…..what?  Yeah….hmmmm…..sure…….

I hate it when people sneak peeks at their phones during movies too.  I see that screen light up from 20 rows back and I just want to slap them upside the head!

But so it marches forward whether we like it or not.  We are connecting more and more.  The world is getting smaller and smaller.

Is nothing sacred anymore?


Everybody’s doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it………


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20 responses to “Put the Freakin’ Phone Away

  1. Susanna

    I’m with bholles.

  2. How ironic that a communications device – hampers communication 😦

  3. Patty O"

    Stupid ubiquitous phones!

  4. WoW! How life has changed. I actually love the cell phone for easy access in an instant. Have cancelled our landline and we both have cell phones now. It is scary sometimes because we are vulnerable to technology..and our children have to learn when to and when not to use this technical way that is so readily available to our every whim. Now days we adults are constantly teaching .. but we need to teach in a huge way by example with love understanding and kindness. Children are our future and they look to us for structure.. for they are the ones who learn from us and we will be witness to these positive changes become a reality. I love our now lives in technology and our future in such advancement.. but we still need to learn there is a time and place for everything in our lives. Be respectful to yourself but never forget how important respect is to those we encounter everyday of our lives. We want to be respected so we need to learn to give back that same respect to others. Love and Light Poolagirl! & technology! Maplelicious13

  5. bholles

    One day I will get a real cell phone.

  6. I just read that you shouldn’t even fully charge your phone every time. It is better to charge it a bit multiple times during the day to keep the battery from overloading. I hate to see how phones have taken away the social interactions among people too. The phone is a great tool when necessary but it is NOT an extension of our ability to react to others.

  7. purplygems

    Oh I completely agree. I just saw a family of 5 in a restaurant…all texting. No conversation amongst themselves. I have friends too, that will text or read me their texts while we are suppose to be eating. UGHHHH. Last week I was at the movies and a guy was reading his texts. the light was glaring and I asked him to please shut it off. He stood up and stared at me. He was the one being rude, but he got pissed at ME. wow.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Sorry to say we are quickly loosing the art of communication.

    Pen Pen

  9. Joel Anderson

    Putting a cell phone under a pillow to charge? That’s nuts, all items that are getting charged get warm or hot.

  10. farmgirl

    We are losing the fine art of communicating face to face. Half of communications is watching, and seeing, and having to enjoy, or deal with the other person’s reactions. We lose that on the phone. It is why people break up over the phone. So they don’t have to see, or deal with the hurt they will see. I fear we will become desensitized to emotions. And I am passing on your picture of the phone. Egads.

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