My Personal Easter

Captain’s Log   6,078

Forty more days until I leave for Amsterdam.  I know!  I am going to pretend it’s Lent!  And when I wake up on October 28th, it will be…..


So Lent is all about Jesus wandering around in the desert starving himself and running into Satan.  If I ran around the desert for forty days and starved myself, I might think I ran into Satan too.

jesus meets the devil

Looks like Jesus is meeting Gandalf the Grey.  He also doesn’t look like he’s skipped too many meals.


Here’s another interpretation of the meet up in the desert.  Looks like they met up in a sports bar in Idaho.  Jesus looks a bit like Cat Stevens in his younger days.

So that is my focus moment.  October 28th will dawn as my travel Easter.  A girl needs a goal to get through the rough spots.


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12 responses to “My Personal Easter

  1. susanna

    Alright, here comes Church Girl. The meeting of Satan was history’s crude way of depicting the inner challenges Jesus faced before he was able to make his final ascension. I was wild about Cat Stevens in his younger years, A real looker in the same category as Johnny Deep. I know, doesn’t hold a candle.

  2. You’ll be eating chocolate while there, so Easter sounds about right.

  3. Sounds like a perfect photo moment to me.

  4. Does that mean you gave up something for Lent?

  5. Patty O"

    In some ways this has been a tough and annoying day. Your post gave me a badly needed chuckle and a heaty guffaw. Thank goodness for Captain Poolie!

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