El Nino Comes Calling

Captain’s Log   6,076

They are predicting one  of the strongest El Nino weather systems EVER for this winter.  They must be taking it seriously.  The city sent a crew of TEN roofers over to the museum to prepare our roof for the upcoming rainstorms.

I moved to San Diego in the midst of an El Nino system.  It rained here every single day during the month of October.  The system was felt all over the United States.  There was a legendary Halloween blizzard in Minnesota that year too.

el nino 5

So sorry I missed this.  Not really!

Weather effects here in California are devastating.  The high seas are merciless.

www.public-domain-image.com (public domain image)

This the pier where I like to hang out and enjoy French fries and root beer.  But not during El Nino!

Because our soil is so clay-dense, water does not absorb into the ground.  Even a small amount of rain becomes a flood very quickly.

el nino 2

Freeway entrance ramp.  Merge, people!  Merge!

Mudslides can happen in areas that have seemed safe for years.  Fires destroy the infrastructure of the soil.  Flooding increases the amount of plant material for the following season.  That becomes dry and then there are more fire dangers.  When you live in a land of extremes like this, there are challenges.  Every place has challenges.  These are just the ones I live with now.

el nino 3

Mudslide in Laguna Beach.  Not much hope for your house when a wall of mud comes screaming down the mountain.  

Carter Pike, shown in black shirt at right, and brother, Dylan Pike, right, watch as a crane pulls Carter's 2008 Dodge Charger from the creek near Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach.

The driver of this car attempted a turn and hit a place where the road had washed out.

Even though San Diego is considered a paradise, when Mother Nature comes knocking, we have to listen.


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8 responses to “El Nino Comes Calling

  1. poundheadhere

    Here’s hoping El Nino helps to resolve California’s drought somewhat without causing too much destruction along the way. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. susanna

    I found out the child that comes calling is the Christ Child because the Niño’s originate mostly in December in South America and travel up to greet us with wind/rain and general destruction. Sounds like the Old Testament is behind this one.

  3. I hope you are safe during the time of the El Nino…I’m hoping for less snow this winter but I am afraid that may be impossible.

  4. Patty O"

    Yup. I have lived in the same house since 1966. The downstairs has been flooded 4 times., I do live on a hill, but the flooding is not Mother Nature’s fault. Rather it is because of the shortcuts and shoddy work of the two brothers/contractors who built the house. Hopefully they are long-dead now and being punished for their dishonest ways. (Although a dedicated Heathen I do hope that Karma gets such people somehow…)

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