Textual Relations

Captain’s Log   6,073

I don’t care which side of the fence you are on politically.  As long as you respect where I stand and we don’t try to change each other.  That being said…….

This is really funny!


Hillary’s chances might be over.  Really over this time.  But this just illustrates how much of a big game the whole thing is anyway.

In my heart, I support this wild-haired rebel from Vermont.  This country NEEDS a strong 3-party system.  I wish Bernie was the man to make that happen.  I fear it won’t happen.  We are still motivated by too much fear in this country.  Fear of letting go of the old ways to make the changes necessary to engage our world that is changing a lot faster than we are here in the United States.  Many react to the need for change by becoming more reactionary and more conservative.  To me, that is futile.  Change is coming.  Get on the train now or be left at the station.


My heart lies here.

Time for an evolution.  Big time.


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17 responses to “Textual Relations

  1. susanna

    Bernie is a great man however if Biden steps into the race I think he will overshadow Bernie. The average citizen doesn’t dig deep, they go with what they know.

  2. I like him too. Hope he picks a good running mate if he gets into the race for sure.

  3. Hil

    Well, Bernie’s chance is considerable, if all who WANT to vote for him DO vote for him. If, you know, you believe your vote counts…:)

  4. Patty O"

    Feel the Bern!

  5. goatbarnwitch


  6. Valerie

    Yeah, I’m kind of over Hilary. I like Bernie but I think he has the proverbial snow ball’s chance in hell. I also like Joe Biden…I believe he’s the best of any of them at working across the aisle to get things accomplished, a skill we need badly. I really admired the way he so gracefully and graciously handled son Beau’s death, standing for hours to greet and thank each person who came to show their respects…a class act.

  7. Bernie is my man! My car proudly wears his bumper sticker and I support him as much as I can.

  8. bholles

    I like Bernie too.

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