God Hates Figs

Captain’s Log   6,072

This is just too damn funny.


She will get tired of jail food soon.

If she REALLY wanted to be all god-like about this, she would resign.  Instead, I am sure she is looking at book deals, appearances on the Rush Limbaugh show, fame, etc.  She could even get her own reality show out of this.  Cameras could follow her around all day as she goes about the business of interpreting Supreme Court mandates.

I also think it’s very convenient that she is using Jesus as the catalyst for her behavior.  Just over four years ago, she found Jesus and that was the game changer.  She is now a moral person.  Thank you, Jesus.


I think she heard him wrong.  FIGS!  FIGS!

Kim Davis is a huge step backward for this country.  Well, she joins tons of other backward steppers.  She just happens to be in the spotlight right now.  Just as I was smacked down the other day for saying the hunter who killed the bear cubs in Colorado is an asshat, I am sure there are people out there who would encourage me to love Kim Davis through all of this.  I am tired of loving idiots.  There are enough people in this world who respond positively to my love.  Idiots now threaten me, so I don’t want to love them.  I want to ignore them.  Like a heat rash or chub rub, I just want them to go away while I sleep.


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16 responses to “God Hates Figs

  1. susanna

    You are a riot, like a heat rash or chub rub!! lol

  2. poundheadhere

    You know, one of my cousins posted comparing her with Caitlyn Jenner – saying Kim’s the real hero. I bit my tongue. The sad part is these folks actually believe it

  3. I ignore idiots. I leave their harrasment to loving folks like you while I concentrate on important things like reading, eating, loving.

  4. Joanie Benson

    Forget it…I’m not forgiving them either.

  5. Joanie Benson

    You’re right. Loving idiots is barely tolerable. But I think according to Jesus, we don’t have to love them…..only “forgive them for what they do” ….and I think there was a paragraph about never hiring them into any kind of position where they might try to dictate what others can and can’t do.

  6. I also heard that 5 out of the 6 other clerks are willing to grant the marriage licenses but since she is/was the boss, they dare not!. Bet a lot of licenses were written up today while she sits in jail over the holiday weekend. I agree that she has her right to her own beliefs but if she won’t fulfill her work duties, she needs to resign.

  7. farmgirl

    Well, she has been married 4 times, divorced three and has kids out of wedlock. Not judging. Just informing. How sacred is marriage to her? The whole thing ridiculous and getting WAY to much attention. Fire her. She isn’t doing job.

  8. Patty O"

    So she found Jesus but missed the part about love? Bet she got an F in Heaven Prep 101.

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