Bibles in the Store

Captain’s Log   6,070

I am facing a nasty battle today.  There is a creation “science” museum here in town that wants to join our museum council.  They made a bid to do this a few years ago, and they did not meet the technical requirements.  Now, they DO meet the requirements and their application is back on the table.  These are the people who claim God created the world in six physical human days.  There is no evolution.  And dinosaurs and cave dwellers shared the planet at the same time because our planet is only 10,000 years old.

I am distressed.


Um……….  No.  It did not happen this way.

They call their educational auditorium the Tabernacle.  It contains a replica of the Ark of the Covenant and a faux staging area for slaughtering sacrificial lambs.   They sell Bibles in their store and coloring books for kids illustrating how they are made in the image and likeness of God.

I see this as an offshoot of religious dogma rather than a museum.  Yes, they have exhibits.  Yes, they have the right non-profit federal status.  Yes.  Yes.

So I struggle.  If this was a Klan museum that met all the technical requirements, would we be expected to approve?  I can almost see myself approving a Klan museum before I could approve this one.  At least the Klan museum would probably be historically accurate.

So if we don’t like the content of a museum do we have the right to exclude them?

I talked to the director of the council yesterday and she is NOT looking forward to this debate.  It was hot and snarly two years ago but we had a technical reason to exclude them.  They have reptiles in the museum that apparently illustrate the myths of evolution.  They did not have anyone on staff officially qualified to handle live animals.  Now, they do.

I wish Jean Auel was here to attend the meeting today.


One of the best books I have ever read

But real science doesn’t mean anything to creation science people.  They think it’s all bunk just like we think they are all bunk.  At least I run a museum that has a clear history and defined examples of technical and styling evolution.  And I don’t sell Bibles in my store.


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23 responses to “Bibles in the Store

  1. Methinks the Council needs a lawyer. Yes, not good at all.

  2. Patty O"

    Once again I am not receiving your blogs. But I do receive the daily digests at the end of the day, so my comments re just a bit delayed. Doesn’t make sense to me at all. As for the Creation Museum: oxymoron. Say no and mean it. They have no place in an organization of scientific members. I hope the Museum of Man has a strong voice representing them!

  3. susanna

    I had a Korean Christian Pastor look at a room for his son yesterday. He was taken aback at my Buddha, Krishna and Quan Yin statues and promptly offered to save me from an eternity in Hell. Suffice it to say his son will not be renting the room. If I see them around I’ll tell them about the museum.

  4. Patti

    Dinosaurs and people living peacefully together…they are confused…that’s the Flintstones! Seriously, what is the color of the sky in their world? I’m opening the spaghetti monster museum, all about the life, history and eating habits of the thing itself! Coming soon!

  5. goatbarnwitch

    I don’t envy you having to be part of a civilized conversation about dogmatized history…. Good luck warrior woman!

  6. OH, this doesn’t sound good….not good at all!

  7. annanotbob

    In the US – sorry, writing on my phone!

  8. annanotbob

    This is quite scary, isn’t it? I wish you strength and calm persistence in your upcoming battle, o mighty warrior woman. I’m shocked at how far the creationists have reached I’m the US x

  9. poundheadhere

    I think these folks are entitled to open a museum if they like – but NOT on public property. Maybe the museum board can exclude them based on separation of church and state – because that WILL become a lawsuit. The city is under no obligation to support religious facilities.

  10. Sally Vangorkom

    We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but we’re NOT all entitled to open a museum to portray them as the truth.

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