Feeling Rather Humorous Today

Captain’s Log   6,069

Feeling humor-filled today for some reason.  It just seems right.



I just keep waving anyway so people think the moment is real.  I have also used this method to thwart serial killers.  When I feel threatened by a serial killer, I intentionally wave at a stranger with the intention of “disarming” the serial killer.  It’s worked out well so far.  I am still here writing.


Well, yeah……I can see how this might happen.  Those bright lights in a television studio make you say stupid things.  I hope this wasn’t the million dollar question.


I am working on this one.  So far, so good.


I am back in the saddle with my routines.    Once again, I checked my pay stub yesterday and calculated how much time off I still have on the books.  I work hard but I always have adventure cooking on the back burner.

Studio shot of carrot on string as incentive reward

Work hard so you can go on another vacation and play!

I used to feel married to my work, but that relationship has started to shift.   Many of my friends have already retired (but they had jobs or spouses who had jobs that paid pensions and things in addition to Social Security).   One of my pals received a $100,000 golden handshake and a big pension when they encouraged her to leave at age 62.  I have never been employed anywhere with that kind of job security, so I plug along until the time is really good for me.  I have no intention of working the rest of my life.  There are too many adventures waiting out there!


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10 responses to “Feeling Rather Humorous Today

  1. susanna

    Paula you would be good on one of those shows, have you ever thought about it?

  2. Perhaps she was thinking of the elephant in the living room.
    I’m trying to get G interested in three of 4 days in Catalina. 🙂

  3. One of these days, it will hit you and you will put in your retirement papers.

  4. I’ve been playing the “stay miserable because job security” lottery way too long and you ALWAYS lose. Here’s to a terrific retirement for us both, soon!

  5. Sally Vangorkom

    An elephant? Really?

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