Today I Was Grasshopper

Captain’s Log   6,064

I put the finishing touches on the patio this morning.  I took the gooey stickers off the chairs and put up the prayer flags.  They arrived yesterday (thank you, Amazon Prime).  I ironed them, installed a few cup hooks in the ceiling, and set to work.

Now all my good thoughts will travel on the wind and make manifest what is needed.  I love the look.  The flags make the place look…..serene.


Happy place.  Very happy place.

I was able to go totally Zen while taking of the gooey stickers.  Very methodical.  One sticker at a time.  I felt like I was sitting next to David Carradine.

david carradine



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8 responses to “Today I Was Grasshopper

  1. susanna

    Those Tibetan flags are gorgeous. I had a set on my front entrance but they faded fast due to sun. Yours will do well under the patio roof. Perfect, peaceful, patio. Namaste.

  2. It really does have the “air” of serenity and calm, soft breezes and good thoughts.

  3. Valerie

    Just love it!

  4. Sally Vangorkom

    It looks really lovely.

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