Happiness is a Choice and the Store is Closing

Captain’s Log   6,062


You gotta take care of yourself in this world.  Nobody can do it for you.

Is it easy?  No.  Does it get easier with time?  Yes.  It’s like a muscle.  Exercise it and it becomes familiar.  Will it always work?  It won’t seem to work all the time, but it does.  Is there a cosmic lesson in every choice we make?  Absolutely.  Am I totally full of shit?  Many say yes.  Do I care?  Nope.  What you think of me is none of my business.


The opinion some people have of me and the cosmic truths I believe

I used to care.  The days of being a people pleaser.  If I was just smart enough.  Or pretty enough.  Or rich enough.  Or worked hard enough.  Or had more guitar skills.  Or had a better sense of style.  Or majored in something useful in college.  Or was more patient and loving.  More of this.  More of that.  And the beat goes on…….

There is no such thing as waiting for the right moment.  The only moment you have is the one you are experiencing right now.

get off the dime

Maybe it’s age with me.  Maybe I’m just tired.  I used to really have an impact on people.  I must admit that felt good to me to watch the light come on for my students or anyone else who chose to think I had something valuable to say.  These days, I feel like I am talking to walls most of the time.  So I have to get off my own damn dime and focus my energies into things that are more productive.

The Advice Store in now closed.  I still believe what I believe, but I am choosing to keep my mouth shut when it comes to anything more.   I am keeping it all to myself now.   I am keeping me to myself.  Selfish little Pollyanna Bitch that I am.


Which route to take?  Sometimes, one seems great.  Other times, they all seem wrong.

Unless someone asks, they will not get any of this part of me.  And then, I will have zero expectations that anything I say really matters.

I still see the world through the strange eyes I was given.  And that is okay.  It sometimes connects me with people and it often isolates me.  But I get to choose what I do with my strange eyes.  And I choose to keep them open.

My world and welcome to it.   Enter at your own risk.


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14 responses to “Happiness is a Choice and the Store is Closing

  1. I can disagree with you – even vehemently – without either disrespecting or disliking you. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t share your views. The reciprocal part is that I have just as much right to disagree.

    • poolagirl

      Done discussing my views. Not worth it. Not loaning money anymore either because it’s easier to just give it away without expectations. Not getting involved with anybody’s troubles. Period. End. Unless someone is in grave danger of falling off a cliff or stepping out in front of a truck, I am not saying anything.

  2. George

    If people don’t like what you say, they don’t have to listen. You need to do things and be someone that MAKES YOU HAPPY!

  3. Ha…you are a champion of rightness. The world would be a far, far duller place without your opinions. Don’t stop up that considered ranting. Keep on keeping on knowing we are here cheering you on.

    So there…..

    • poolagirl

      I will continue to rant. I just won’t help people who refuse to change. Especially when they ask for my help and stay sitting on the dime.

  4. I have been incredibly appreciative of your opinions and guidance, even when your opinions haven’t agreed with my own (which was not recent). Sometimes it’s “easier said than done,” but you leave me with a good feeling.
    Sometimes giving an opinion that wasn’t requested doesn’t go over well; however, I do my best to ruminate over everything, even cruelty that I’ve experienced. YOU are never cruel or unkind to me. ❤
    Whether or not you volunteer your thoughts again, I really really REALLY want you to know that your recent input has, surprisingly or not, given me feelings of validation that I desperately needed, and I am grateful. That is, I'm not grateful for the opinions as much as I am grateful for your friendship. I'm a lucky gal to have you in my life!
    Thank you.

  5. I would miss your advice each day. You have a great way of putting it out there.

  6. susanna

    Amen. You do have a way of “being” advice when you are not “espousing” advice. You are a champion of Be Here Now and that is so cool be around.

  7. Sometimes people can’t accept the advice because they know what you said is probably true. Sometimes they can’t accept the advice because they are stubborn. Stay the way you are. Not everyone cares what you think but many people do care. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    And yes, we are all wrong on occasion and that’s ok as well.

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