LOVE My Amazon Prime

Captain’s Log    6,059

I have become an Amazon Prime fiend!


I am guilty as charged.

I needed two new D-Cell batteries for my new lamp.  Go to Home Depot, look at 8,000 batteries, stand in line, drive home?  OR….order them on Prime and get them in two days without having to do anything.  Free shipping.  Delivered to my door and a text message letting me know it’s there.

I looked at my trash can liners last night.  Down to the last two.  Go to Costco and deal with all that mess?  Or…… simply click on Amazon and have the very same bag liners (Kirkland brand) delivered to my house for free in two days.  The $100 bucks I spend a year for this service more than pays for itself.  Without Prime, you have to order at least $35 worth of stuff to get free shipping.  Their pricing is geared in such a way that three books end up costing $34.79.  So what do you do?  You order another book!  I know I spend less money getting exactly what I want without having to fall for the up-selling.

Plus the movies and TV shows on the free media service are incredible.

I like that I can order one book if I want.  Just one.  And I did yesterday.  My book arrives tomorrow.

infinite jest

Some books are better as books rather than Kindle.  This is one.

I even bought a new patio table on Amazon Prime.  I should have it by the end of the week.  I cannot even shop for those things in real life because stuff like that is too big for my car.   I can even get my bird seed for the same price as Home Depot.  Without having to make the trip myself.

There are people who disagree with the whole concept of Amazon Prime, and that’s fine.  In addition to buying exactly what I want and nothing more to order enough for free shipping, the time I save has value.  If I wasn’t working full time, I might look forward to going to Home Depot or Costco to putter around looking at stuff.  After a long day in the park, the last thing I really want to do is putter around in stores.  And on weekends, the stores are so busy you would have to be insane to set foot inside unless absolutely necessary.  Last weekend, I ventured into Home Depot to buy plants.  I had my route figured out and scooted out of the Garden Department in record time.  I was back home in time before the ice cubes melted in my herbal tea.

So yes, I really DO shop.  Since I have never been a huge shopper, I try to maximize my efforts.  Going shopping with friends for an afternoon is my idea of hell on earth.

watching paint dry

Watching paint dry is more fun.  Whee!

And then….there are stores that will never get even $1 from me.

no walmart

They take over communities and swallow up the small businesses.  Seen this happen more than once.  Bastards.  Just like Starbucks.  But some would argue that Amazon Prime does the same thing.  And I am being a hypocrite?  Then again, Amazon hooks a huge percentage of what it offers to individual vendors.  Even Goodwill stores across the country are registered as Amazon sellers.  It doesn’t keep all the profits.  Not like Walmart.

So that’s the excitement for the day.  Why I love Amazon Prime.  It’s a slow day for news here at Casa de Pirate.


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18 responses to “LOVE My Amazon Prime

  1. We haven’t used Amazon Prime much but I never thought about things like bird seed and trash bags. Now I will though – thanks for the reminder!

  2. WOW….zap, bam BOOM, kaPOW!!!
    But what about those of us who love to shop F2F.
    I bet the Discovery stores would do well on Amazon Prime.

  3. Joanie Benson

    Just think, when you retire you won’t ever have to leave the house! Ha ha

  4. I bought my kindle specifically to read Infinite Jest, as the print was too small on the book, though I haven’t managed it yet – too complex for my currently befuddled brain. But good to have something fab to look forward too. I don’t know about Amazon in the US, but here they’re one of the worst employers going. Apart from low wages, they put electronic tags on the workers in the warehouse to ensure they maintain constant movement, with a specific number of seconds to pick each item off the shelf. And almost all the independent bookshops have closed down. So I feel bad about having a kindle, but can’t resist the ease and speed of ordering and the end to the ever-increasing book-mountain. I’d like to live in the world in such a way that my choices didn’t have a negative impact on anyone, but it’s virtually impossible now, without becoming a martyr, and even that wouldn’t have any impact. Sigh. Ah well, hugs and that x

  5. bholles

    I might have to get this..

  6. I am lucky enough to be one of those who has time to putter around a store. I do it because it gets me out of the house and I get some exercise. I do understand the appeal of Amazon Prime, however, I got a free trial of it when I ordered new modems for myself and my son. It was worth it then.

  7. “New lamp”.





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