Banshee Febreze Lady

Captain’s Log   6,055


Whatcha doing over there, Poolie?

I think my nosy neighbor has given up squirting Febreze  over the fence.  Every time I have a visitor, she is out on her back patio near the fence “sweeping” and listening to every word that’s being said, but she has not done the air freshener attack for several months now.  I think she is finally convinced that after all this time, nobody smokes here.  The former owners smoked on the patio, and she used to go after them like a crazed banshee.


You SMOKE!  Why you SMOKE?  (squirt squirt)  SMOKE BAD!  You stop SMOKING!

As weird as she is, I was concerned when I thought she might be dead in her house.  For the most part, she is as quiet as a church mouse.  She stays up almost all night (lights burning all over the house) and sleeps during the day.  If I had not seen her in daylight, I might actually assume she could be a vampire Febreze Lady.  I don’t spy on her but I do notice patterns.  I hope we notice patterns when we live next to neighbors.  That’s how we know something is wrong.

I have my sights set on the upcoming road trip – and not much else right now.  Just 17 more days before my young friend and I take off for Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite!  I just hope the wildfires are under control.  If not, we will have to change our plans a lot.



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8 responses to “Banshee Febreze Lady

  1. poundheadhere

    I’m playing catch-up (as usual) and this is both funny and a little sad. Funny goes without saying – sad is a life so empty that your only entertainment is spraying Febreeze at the neighbors.

  2. Up all night. That’s what’s wrong. You keep waking her up!

  3. susanna

    Spraying Febreze outdoors is pretty desperate and not at all effective. Weirdness does follow you and it is nice of you to be aware if something seems unusual with your neighbors. Decades ago one of my neighbors informed me that I had marijuana growing in my front window box. I thought my son just had a green thumb. An idiot needs a village.

  4. Maybe the price of the Frebreze has gotten too expensive for her….

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