The Cowardly Lion Killer

Captain’s Log   6,054

I cannot begin to even express my revulsion for Dr. Palmer and anyone else who hunts game for trophies.  That goes against every code of decency I have.  Every fiber of my being.  My moral compass has no landing point for something like this.

I have heard the rhetoric.  I have heard the excuses.  I have heard it all.  I grew up where people hunt.  Members of my own family were big hunters.  And it has always disgusted me.  I have never eaten wild game, and unless the zombie apocalypse happens, I probably never will.


It’s madness

When we pause to wonder why we have become so violent and uncaring as a species, we have to look no further than Dr. Palmer and those who participate in killing for sport.  I don’t care WHAT you kill for sport.  It is killing.  For the thrill.  For the game.  As far as I am concerned, making a plan to hide in the woods and kill innocent animals is complete cowardice.

So I do what I can.  I don’t eat the animals I love.  I don’t shoot them for fun.  Killing the crow in the museum last month was one of the worst things I have had to do.  Ever.  To make sure it won’t happen again, we have devised a netting system to cover the garage door when it’s open for circulation.  Hopefully, no more birds in the building.


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10 responses to “The Cowardly Lion Killer

  1. poundheadhere

    I am not a vegetarian, and don’t object to killing to eat. After all, we kill veggies to eat too. (I know you and I disagree on the fundamentals and I respect that fact.) There is NO excuse for trophy hunting. It’s right up there with the KKK’s behavior of hatred and cruelty as a way of flaunting power. And we know what they say about absolute power…

  2. Joanie Benson

    I agree. Hunting for SPORT is something I’ve never been able to wrap my head around. What pleasure can come from watching a beautiful animal fall to the ground after being shot??? I had to kill a baby bird who had fallen out of it’s nest in my patio and was suffering. That was like 4 years ago and I still think about it even though it was an act of mercy. I love Dangerspouse’s quotation. It makes me feel bad that even the animals we eat routinely (myself included) never have a chance, but at least I’m hopeful that they are killed humanely and not for the “fun” of it, although I’m not convinced that’s always the case. Temple Grandin changed things a lot as far as humanity in killing animals for food but still more can be done in that regard.

  3. I fully support you. It is especially sickening when they kill these beautiful creatures who did not endanger the hunters at all.

  4. Did you read the justifications put forth by Sabrina Corgatelli? If anything, they’re even more offensive than the dentist’s. Regards hunting as sport, I’m always reminded of a quote I read years ago: “It’s not a sport if your opponent doesn’t realize he’s playing.”

  5. joan

    AMEN to that- what has happened to this violence in our society- against animals and humans

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