Poolie Pointed Finger of DOOM

Captain’s Log   6,052

It’s not fair to come back from a vacation and been instantly swamped with work projects…..and whining here and there.  I finally had to tell one of my staff on Saturday to shut up.  Literally.  Shut up.   Right in the middle of a great big celebration picnic.  All my nice director-trained language was simply not working.  Every time I turned around I heard the same crap again from the same person.  So I got upset.  At that point, I had basically been awake for more than 24 hours and I really didn’t want to deal with a tattle-teller.   “Shut up.  I don’t want to hear another word.”  Naturally, there was another word.   Instantly.  This time, I pointed my finger.  It was the Poolie Pointed Finger of DOOM.  “I said shut up! (exclamation point this time)  I will not listen to another word of this! (another exclamation point).  Stop talking.”   I get really annoyed when something has happened that cannot be changed and people decide to beat the dead horse with nasty accusations…..hoping the horse will somehow die again.


Never annoy the monkey. 

My trip to Portland was too short.  Just a week ago, I was on the road to Seattle for a lovely day trip.  Now, I am sitting in my pajamas futzing around on Google looking for pictures of annoyed monkeys.  There is something wrong with this.

Alaska Airlines is a wonderful company!  They have great planes and lovely seats!  Every seat is equipped with a charging station and sufficient legroom so you can actually plug something in without impaling your knees on the outlet.


How cool is this?  Will keep an annoyed monkey at bay for a long time!

My friend lives in a very rural area with her lovely husband and amazingly gifted son.  They have a lovely house and a big 2-acre yard filled with fruit trees, berry bushes, and grapevines.  It was so quiet I could actually hear myself think.  Deer come right up into the yard to eat the apples and pears right off the trees.  Hawks swoop.  Bears shit in the woods.

Portland is a lovely city!  So many bridges!  So many hipsters!  So many coffee shops!  So many donut shops!  I was confused by the downtown homeless.  They seemed so young and ill-prepared for life on the street.  When I mentioned it to my millenial staffer bee, he explained  that a good number of these kids are recreationally homeless.  They are doing it as some sort of statement.  Who would want to live on a sidewalk just to make a statement?  He went on to explain that Portland is beginning to look like San Francisco did in the 1960’s.  It is THE place to come if you are a hipster with a message.


See why I was confused?

That seemed strange.  Maybe I am getting old.  I never made statements like that.  I carried protest signs, chanted, and posed for photos for the FBI guys who were trying to look un-FBI with their weird little cameras.  I slept on a sidewalk one time with my friend Penny when we went to Anaheim to see the Rose Bowl parade.  We got there about 2:30 in the morning and camped out on the sidewalk with two dogs.  Gads!

We had a lot of fun adventures.  On Saturday, we took off for the Columbia River Gorge!  Rode a sternwheeler up and down the river for almost three hours!


Marrrrrkkkkkkkkk Twaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnn!

We stopped to see Multomah Falls on the way back!  YAY!



It was over 100 degrees so we did not hike up to the bridge.  Maybe next time.

Seattle was grand too!  I love the port and all the ships.  Marna showed me where she grew up.  One of her babysitters still lives in the old neighborhood, and when we drove by, the lady was out on her porch!  They had a bit of a reunion.  Sweet and nice.

And then, Tuesday rolled around and it was time to leave.  Pisser.  I sailed through airport security because I was selected to have my hands rubbed with some sort of plastic cloth thing.  I still don’t know why, but it put me to the gate about 3 minutes after Marna and Nick dropped me at the curb.  When I got back to San Diego, I saw a TSA guy reaching up under some old man’s Bermuda shorts as he stood in the “special area” reserved for such things.  I counted my blessings.  My only experience was checking through TSA in San Diego.  An agent grabbed my armpits and proceeded to do the little tap tap tap all the way down to my ankles.

Before we took off from Portland, the flight attendant came down the aisle with a wee dog in a cage.  She was looking for the owner.  She asked me if a man had been sitting directly behind me.  Nope.  So they had the dog but no passenger.  Very odd.  They took the dog off the plane.

I want to go back.  I want to sit in Marna’s great house and watch the hawks.  I want to listen to Nick play his piano compositions.  I want to hear Manny wax poetic about all things Italian.  I taught Marna and Nick how to geocache, so I want to do that again too.  I think I found 8 or 9 new ones and got badges for both Oregon and Washington.  In the life of a geocacher, that is pretty cool.

Off to the salt mines.  I have to attend a meeting at the offices of our city council representative today.  That should shoot most of the day.  We also sold a really stupid car out of the museum collection so I get to do the title work on that too.  It’s always something.  I hope the Poolie Pointed Finger of DOOM doesn’t have to make an appearance today.


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10 responses to “Poolie Pointed Finger of DOOM

  1. joan

    It soounds like a wonderful backdrop for some serious story writing, Poola
    Not long enough for a complete unwind- bt better thannot going!
    Why don’t you hols a staff meeting and explain to them coming back to the office is not the time to approach you with problems, and set up some sort of system for staff to get with you later, or put it in writing which can be HR dangerous…LOL. The falls are magnificent

  2. Joanie Benson

    Sounds like you had a great trip! It would be nice if we could keep that “vacation feeling” long after we get home, but usually daily life involves headaches that we have to deal with. Like people who won’t SHUT UP!
    The dog thing on the plane was really weird…..maybe someone had set the cage down and forgot to pick it up before boarding an earlier flight. Poor little thing…I hope they found the owner. We were at the Museum on Sunday! I knew you wouldn’t be there but it was a good day for everyone to go. There were 8 of us. I thought my Brother-in-Law Mike would never leave! We walked around for what seemed like hours while he read every single car description and inspected each car as if he was considering buying it! Ha ha. I’ve never seen anyone enjoy anything so much. Then we went over to the Organ Pavillion and listened to the concert, front row, and took the back stage tour. Lots of fun. Sorry we missed you tho.

  3. Patty O"

    I know exactly how you feel. NINE DAYS and I will be in Montana. On a mountain ranch. Cattle, horses, cowboys, hawks, all kinds of critters. And the Yellowstone River below in the Paradise Valley, meandering northward with all its big fat trout. Last year there was a Grizzly sow in the valley with two cubs…not bothering anybody, just taking care of the kiddies. But twilight hikes were ill advised. Wilderness calls….

  4. The trip sounds like it was just what you needed and now after your return, I think you need it even more! Hope your exit plan is in the works and one of these days you won’t have to bring out The Poolie Pointed Finger of Doom!

  5. Penny Tushingham

    I remember our Rose Festival adventure like it was yesterday and can still hear you say “oh my god” as we turned on to Colorado (think that’s the street name) and you saw thousands of people sleeping on the sidewalk!

    Our adventures are the best!

    Pen Pen

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