Don’t Be a Mean Little Turd

Captain’s Log    6.050


This should be waiting for me when I get home from work tonight!

go set

The largest pre-sale orders in Amazon history since the last book in the Harry Potter series

Amazon said the novel was already the best-selling book on the website.  Harper Collins said it ordered an initial run of 2,000,000 copies.  Holy mommacita!  Such great success.

Harper Lee had an interesting life.  Reclusive yes, but she was also very involved in Truman Capote’s success.  Too bad he treated her like a shabby old hand towel.  Brilliant as he was, he was a mean little turd.

Maureen Corrigan of NPR had trashed this novel.  She is a mean little turd too.  She needs to take it at face value and stop comparing it to the other book.  This is an unedited manuscript written almost 60 years ago.  I would like to see what Maureen could produce without an editor.  Mean little turd.



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12 responses to “Don’t Be a Mean Little Turd

  1. How’s the book? I’ve toyed with buying it…

  2. Most critics are mean little turds. Unless they like your work, lol.

  3. I’m looking forward to reading it no matter what people say about it! I suppose I should order it!

  4. LOL And you know that everyone will hold this book up to the other one. So there.

  5. I heard it shows a different side of the characters. But that is what makes reading so interesting.

  6. Patty O"

    Don’t hold back; tell us what you REALLY think!

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