Prepping For Portland

Captain’s Log   6,049

As the Portland trip nears, I find it harder to focus on work.  Actually, it isn’t just the trip that makes it harder to focus on work.  It’s work that makes it hard to focus on work.  We are cruising through summer, and that is fine.  There is just a nagging need for something else.  I am not bored, I just feel like I am spinning my wheels.  I get this way every so often.  It’s just being restless.  Also accounts for the fact that I am finding it harder and harder to get motivated on Monday mornings.

The big news is about my fence.  Some dipshit tried to go through my fence instead of my gate last Tuesday.  The fence was not in the best shape, but it was still a fence.  For some reason, every now and then, people walk up my driveway and try to access my inner yard through a small fence.  There is an obvious gate on the entry sidewalk……but these people are dipshits.  They would rather ignore the sidewalk and the gate to shake the shit out of a fence.

broken fence

Fence shaken loose from its concrete moorings.   All tippy and weird.  The gate is completely useless.

fixed fence

Repaired fence with new concrete moorings, support beams, and reinforced lattice work.

More better.  What a difference!  We have an incredible maintenance guy at the museum named Ray.  I call him Da Vinci because he can engineer just about anything.  He engineered my fence repair.  Very grateful.

To prepare for the Portland trip, I am trying to eat all the perishable food in my refrigerator.  I have eaten so much broccoli that my eyes have turned from blue to green.  Bananas, blueberries, and peaches are also on the menu.  To me, there is nothing worse than coming home to spoiled food.  I also make sure that my house is 100% ready for my return with clean sheets and towels.  Absolutely zero dishes in the sink.  No clutter anywhere.  I want to just walk in and collapse.  Growing up, I was never allowed to leave the house unless everything was in its place.  Good rule, actually.  We always knew where everything was at all times.

Summer camp starts at the museum this morning.  Also multiple meetings today and most of Wednesday.  Exhibit reception on Thursday.

fins and wings

My Friday morning flight to Portland cannot come soon enough.  I booked the first one of the day.  Boards at 5:50 AM and departs at 6:20 AM.  I should be at Marna’s house before 10:00 AM.  Wahoo!



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14 responses to “Prepping For Portland

  1. goatbarnwitch

    I totally agree on the clean house before going on an adventure. It is so nice to return to no worries… it allows the afterglow to shine on

  2. New repairs lookin good… what a relief to have it done before you leave… good men are hard to find eh! A sad sad thing that there are beings out there who just don’t get it! They usually need a lesson or two… sometimes maybe more… but look at the end results… we have in friends that are diamonds in our lives, because they have a diamond in theirs.

  3. wow.. What a fantastic time you will have poolagirl… I hear they have so much to offer visitors. Climb their mountains, eat a Voodoo Doughnut, have a Perfect Ten Cocktail and have a picnic on Mount Hood. Maybe even try out dragon-boating… its a blast. Ride the Aerial Tram with great views..I read with a Tri-Met Pass you can take it to the top of Marquam Hill and ride the cable car down with gorgeous views. That would be a trip!
    Bring back a few awesome stories of new life experiences to share… Portland Oregon is on my bucket list. Chillax and enjoy another grand experience. Miss chatting… hugs G, say hi to B for me.

  4. Joanie Benson

    See you Thursday before you go! I’ll have to get in touch with you when you get back….Dave’s brother Mike is coming in with his family this Sat and staying for 2 weeks. He’s a huge car afficionado and has always had 1 or 2 vintage models in his garage. The only thing he mentioned he wants to do when he gets here is go to the Auto Museum..his bro Tom must have sung it’s praises when he came last Christmas.

  5. I’m glad you got the fence fixed so quickly…thank goodness for good maintenance contacts. I’m like you, I want my house all clean and ready so when I get home, I have a day or so to get rested up and back into it again. I know you will have a wonderful time and I expect the adventures are lined up ready for action.

  6. Patty O"

    May the Fence Rockers be filled with cooties and SPLINTERS!

  7. bholles

    You will have so much fun.

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