Intense Week

Captain’s Log   6,045

Intense week ahead.  I can do it.

One of my favorite groups.  I am always a sucker for good harmony.

I learned to sing harmony in the car.  My dad taught me how to “hear” it.  Cannot read a note of music but I can “hear” how music is supposed to work.  My dad taught me to learn how to listen for chord progressions and formulas.  Guess it goes with any other sort of literacy.  You can be a good speaker without knowing how to read words.  Same process.

I wish I could teach myself how to paint.  Or draw.  I am absolutely terrible.  Think I will stick to photos with my iPhone.  Much better at that.


Happy glad just outside the door

Dawdling is not going to get my ass to work.  Not on your life.


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21 responses to “Intense Week

  1. I loved the Mama’s and the Papa’s music. I used to sing by ear too….no reading music here too. Go to a drawing class first if you ever have time says the draw-er. 🙂

  2. The fact that you can harmonize by ear simply puts you into a limited group of very talented people 🙂 Being unable to read music just means you never got the chance to learn.

    • poolagirl

      No, it’s not that. I am incapable of reading music. I do not see the notes. They all look the same. I cannot read it. I simply cannot. I sat through countless music classes to no avail. I played in the school band and never learned. I cheated by watching the other kids play. I had no idea what was going on. I committed it all to memory. I was even able to cheat with private clarinet lessons. I had someone play the piece before I went in to see the teacher. All I did was mimic.

  3. Your pictures of your flowers are absolutely beautiful…also the ones you take of the birds.

  4. Rhonda Lieberman

    Just love Cass Elliott

  5. goatbarnwitch

    Just had a convo with daughter and her bf about music being math… you are a math wiz!

  6. My BIL can play nearly any musical instrument but he can’t read music either. So glad you have that talent as well. and a green thumb and being a bird whisperer and not allergic to Frebreeze~!

  7. Patty O"

    Wanna come help me do inventory in your spare time?

  8. Joanie Benson

    It blows my mind when you say you don’t read music with all the wonderful music you’ve written over the years and all the instruments you play! You told me that before but it still is shocking. What are you? some kind of a savant or something?? Ha ha. Your natural talents amaze me sometimes. I guess if you had one more you would just be unapproachable!

  9. Sally Vangorkom

    Nice photo. You must be getting along really well with your Perennials!

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